Not Losing Weight? 6 Possible Reasons That Are Not Letting You!

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Are you also amongst those who religiously follow a healthy diet alongside a regular workout routine, and are still not able to shed off those extra kilos. This is a common complaint from many. In some cases, after the initial weight loss, the curve seems to have plateaued out.

Here are some reasons that maybe keeping you away from achieving your weight loss targets even after eating healthy and exercising:

1 . Not getting enough protein

Often, while on a diet and exercise routine, people do not get enough protein. Protein helps in losing weight in multiple ways like helping to maintain a high metabolic rate and keeping you feeling full for longer. It also prevents the loss of muscle mass when the body loses fat from the body.

2 . Not drinking enough water

Besides the fact that drinking enough water can cut intake of calories, it also aids in weight loss in other ways. It has been found that when the body is dehydrated, the liver starts storing more fat due to stress in the kidneys, therefore, making way for an unhealthy body.

3 . Sitting for long hours 

With our desk jobs, being a dedicated worker who does not get up from the chair could be another reason why you are not losing weight. Studies suggest that workouts do not compensate for sitting for long hours at a stretch which tends to slow down metabolism rates. Make sure you take short breaks during the day.

4 . Excessive intake of alcohol

While you may be eating a balanced diet, if you fail to put a check on your binge drinking, those kilos might be tough to shed. Most alcoholic drinks contain high calories and sugar. In fact, the term beer belly should be enough to warn you of the impact of alcohol on body weight.

5 . Stressing yourself too much

If you are eating right and exercising but tend to take on too much stress, all your hard work can go down the drain. Stress causes the hormone cortisol to be released in the body which leads to accumulation of fat in the belly and abdominal areas of the body. Learn ways to manage stress at work and home through meditation and breathing exercises.

6 . Not getting enough sleep

Getting less than the recommended amount of sleep can put your body in a mode that needs more carbohydrate and fat to compensate for the lack of rest. Studies have shown a close link between obesity and less sleep.

So, sit back and do an honest evaluation to understand if you too are facing these problems in your weight loss regime. After all the hard work put in by you to eat a balanced diet and workout, the effort should not go waste due to some inadvertent errors. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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