Mid-Work Snacking? Healthy Snacks For Your Work Desk!

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With almost all the dieticians recommending to have small meals at frequent intervals, it is important for you to know what really should you consume. Snacking helps to improve metabolism and also helps in keeping you fueled and focused during work hours. Ideally a healthy snack should be rich in fiber and protein and should have less than 200 calories.

Here are a few healthy snacks that you can keep at your desk and enjoy during your work hours:

1 . Seeds

Seeds are the most abundant source of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and ofcourse antioxidants. They are easy to store and carry.

Seeds of pumpkin, flax, sunflower and sesame are amongst the most prefered ones.You have a wide range of seeds to choose from everyday. Or you could also choose to keep a mix of these.

2 . Raw Nuts

-Raw nuts serve as a good source of nutrition. Most commonly they are considered as the brain foods and help to empower the brain, therefore is a good pick for snacking.

-Include nut such as almonds, walnuts, cashews and groundnuts to you daily mid day snaking. Rich in all antioxidants and nutrients, they should be preferred to be consumed without added salt or sugars.

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3 . Fruits

-Fresh fruits can serve as an appetiser. A fruit salad which includes different fruits such as the healthy apples, berries, banana, orange and papaya can act as the perfect mid snack.

-You can choose to have the fruit salad right before the meal and aid your metabolism. Avoid the use of dried fruits because they are not as healthy as they are perceived to be. They are a reservoir of sugars that we often miss to take note of.

3 . Air Popped Popcorns

-A favorite since school days, air popped popcorns are another snack that is easy to prepare and carry.

-To add to its taste, you can add seasonings, add spices such as cinnamon, cumin, turmeric and give yourself more reasons to have them often.

4 . Dark Chocolate

-Dark chocolate can be a good evening snack along with a cup of coffee during the long workhours. Incase you don’t enjoy the taste, pair it with a peanut butter or yoghurt and enjoy the filling snack.

-Cacao, the major ingredient of dark chocolate, is a rich source of magnesium and serves as the best natural stress reliever.

5 . Roasted Chickpeas

-Chickpea is a low on calorie and high in fiber and nutrients option as a snack and meal both. It has been found to be helpful in several health conditions as well.

-Roasted chickpea with minimal added salt is an ideal evening snack for you. Satiating in nature, it shall also help those who are on a weight loss regime

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