Monday Blues? Try These 6 Simple Ways To Stay Happy At Work

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Staying happy at your place of work is important as a major part of the day is spent at the workplace and a conducive and satisfying environment leads to more productivity and less stress. Here are some effective ways to stay stress free and happy at work:

1 . Create Your Own Personal Space

Try and make your space your own, decorate your area as much as your company policy permits and make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as you can be in your office. Your workplace must be such that you want to go back there every morning and stay refreshed all day through. Flowers and pictures of your loved ones on your desk can add to a pleasant state of mind.

2 . Find A Good Friend At Work 

Having a good friend at work will make your job as being more fun, enjoyable, worthwhile and satisfying. Sharing work-related problems and taking and giving advice also go a long way in keeping one’s mind calm and clear. Friends at work create a support system and a sense of loyalty.

3 . Leave Personal Problems At Home 

When you are preoccupied with personal issues it is difficult to concentrate or be happy at work. Of course you need to be contactable in case of an emergency at home but other than that your focus on work will be harmonious for all.

4 . Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Drinking water basically helps with everything. Keep a tall covered glass of water on your desk and keep sipping on it at regular intervals. It will help you keep focused and hydrated and will fight away any nagging headaches. You will feel good and your office outlook will improve.  More than half of your daily water intake should be completed while you are at work.

5 . Take A Breather

It’s easy to get burned out during working hours.That’s when you need to take a minute and breathe before you move on. Taking a short break in the face of constant demands is important to feel rejuvenated and recharged. It can also improve your overall health and make you more productive at work. You can just move around, do some stretching exercises or just walk across to the coffee vending machine for your cup of coffee.

6 . Plan An Office Event 

Get your co-workers together and organize an office event. You could all pool in funds for an upcoming festival and have a lunch bash or maybe have pot luck where you and your colleagues could each bring a dish from home for everybody. Having a designated ‘unwind’ time will keep you relaxed and get everyone excited for the upcoming event!

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