Moderate Intake Of Red Wine Found To Delay Onset Of Neuro-degenerative Diseases


Moderate intake of red wine found to delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, study reveals 

-As per the recent research, active compounds found in red wine found to be protective against neuronal death.

-A recent study conducted by the Institute of Food Science Research (Madrid) intensively studied the neuronal effects of the wine-derived human gut metabolites.

-As a part of the study, they added these metabolites to stressed human cells that in a usual scenario led to neuronal cell dysfunction and death (initial stages of neurodegenerative diseases).

-It was observed that the metabolites protected the cells during the stressful condition and delayed the process leading cell death. It was also observed that the wine metabolites differed in the composition which was majorly dependent on the microbiota of the gut.

-The study emphasized on the fact, that one must consume fruits, foods, and drinks in moderation to reap its benefits.

-Findings were published in the Frontiers in Nutrition

Source: Frontiers in Nutrition

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