Left Or Right? Here Is Why You Should Choose To Sleep On The Left Side!

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Across studies, sleeping has proved to be critical for an individual’s healthy life. A sound sleep is very important in maintaining good physical and mental health. However, the duration of your sleep is just as important as the posture in which you sleep. Which side do you choose to sleep on, right or left? Keep reading to find out why is it beneficial to start sleeping on your left side now.

1 . Improves Digestion

Since our stomach and pancreas are located on the left side, sleeping on the same side enables them to function better. Gravity helps move the food better through the digestive tract, which aids release of pancreatic enzymes and aids digestion and easy elimination of food wastes. Ayurveda also suggests one to sleep on the left side post meals for better digestion and increased energy levels. It helps to reduce heartburn and indigestion, especially after a heavy meal.

2 . Promotes Heart Health

With the heart on the left side, sleeping on the left side facilitates smoother flow of blood towards the heart due to the force of gravity. Sleeping on the left side shall definitely take some load off your heart and give rest to the body.

3 . Prevents Snoring

Studies suggest that sleeping on the left may actually help you stop snoring. This position helps to keep the airway free from obstruction and aids easy breathing. Sleeping on your back may make it worse as it pushes these muscles to the back of your throat making it difficult for you to breathe.

4 . Improves Lymphatic Function

Sleeping on the left side can actually help the body manage and release toxins more efficiently. Since the lymphatic system not only helps to remove waste and toxins, but also aids the transportation of fats, proteins, and other important substances to the tissues. Sleeping on the left side allows the cells to get these nutrients much faster.

5 . Benefits Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should sleep on the sides to ease pressure off the back and spine. Sleeping on the left increases blood circulation to uterus and baby. It improves circulation of nutrients to the placenta for a healthy foetus. Bend your knees slightly and place a pillow between the legs to be at ease while sleeping on your side.

So, now when you hit the bed at night, make sure you make a deliberate effort to sleep on the left side for sometime. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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