Joyous And Happy Living Could Help You Live Longer!

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Happy living and enjoyment in life found to decrease the risk of death, study suggests 

-In the study, conducted by University College London (UK), the levels of enjoyment were assessed for a total of 9,365 adults (with an average age of 63) through questionnaires thrice over a period of four years.

-Of the total subjects considered for the assessment, 2,264 (24%) of participants did not experience high-level enjoyment, followed by 20% participants who had one such experience, 22% with two and 34% had three instances of high enjoyment.

-About 1,310 deaths were reported during the follow-up period and the death rate was higher amongst those who had rare instances of enjoyment in their life.

-Experts were of the opinion that people who enjoyed more in their life were at a lower death risk compared to those who were not happy in their life.

-Factors such as education, health issues, wealth and depression were also considered during the study.

-Findings were published in The BMJ

Source: The BMJ

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