10 Tips to Prevent Dehydration in Diarrhea

Woman drinkig water to prevent dehydration

By Dr Sugandh Garg

When you are sick with diarrhea you lose fluids and salts from the body at a fast pace, so it is important to take as much fluids as possible.

  • Start ORS (Oral rehydration solution) which is rich in salts and glucose. It is effective in controlling dehydration as it restores both the water and the electrolytes
  • You can make a rehydration solution at home. Mix ½ teaspoon of salt with five teaspoons of sugar. Add this to one liter of boiled water. You can add lemon, honey or orange juice to give this solution flavor
  • The solution once prepared must be consumed within 24 hours
  • Take 150-200 ml of fluids after each loose stool
  • Have potassium rich foods like coconut water, oranges, strawberries, grapes, or pineapples
  • Take soft easy to digest food like khichdi, rice, curd, daal or banana
  • Have the BRAT diet ( Banana, rice, apple, toast) as it is low in fiber
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugary drinks and spicy foods
  • Diarrhea is generally a self-limiting disease if it is viral in nature, but once it is accompanied with fever, blood and mucus, you should consult a doctor
  • Stay safe by practicing hand hygiene and having clean drinking water
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20 thoughts on “10 Tips to Prevent Dehydration in Diarrhea

    1. sugandhg82

      You mentioned all
      Drugs? Kindly specify which ones are you talking about. In the above article we mentioned ORS which is easily available over the counter at all pharmacies around the world. Apart from that specific medication if needed ( including antibiotics) must be prescribed by registered medical practitioner upon proper diagnosis and on a prescription.

  1. Swapnil Kole

    Thanks for info. It is very helpful.
    Please add an option “save as pdf” in app to save your article. Will be really helpful. 🙂

  2. Basant damani

    I am suffering from severe constipation. I have taken laxopeg but no effect. Now I am taking coloprep which is useful but costly. I had to take alternate day. Pl. Advise if any other suitable medicine. Regards

    1. sugandhg82

      Hello basant
      This will not be a correct forum
      Prescribe any kind of medications
      Please get thoroughly investigated , diagnosed and then take a medicine.
      Please consult a doctor.

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