Dehydrated? 5 Hydrating Drinks Other Than Water That You Must Try!

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With volumes published already, Water is undoubtedly the best drink to hydrate the body. By hydrating your body well, you can significantly improve the health of your skin, hair and nails. A well hydrated body also functions better, flushes out toxins, keeps the digestive system healthy and maintains blood pressure levels. However, sometimes it becomes very mundane to keep sipping water all day for hydration. While many substitute water with soft drinks, tea & coffee or packaged juices, these are packed with sugars and other chemicals which actually dehydrate the body and cause harm.

Here are some healthy hydrating drinks other than water that can keep you hydrated all day long:

1 . Fruit Infusions

-Fruit infusions are a great way to add extra flavour and nutrients to good old water and quench that thirst. Use these for hot summer days or to rehydrate when working out.

-Add chopped strawberries and crushed mint leaves to a pitcher of water for a healthy alternative to water. You can also use watermelon slices, lime wedges or apple slices instead of strawberries.

-Mix fresh rose petals and a pinch of cardamom powder to a pitcher of water for a refreshing and soothing drink.

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2 . Coconut Water

-Packed with electrolytes such as sodium, potassium & magnesium, coconut water is one of the most hydrating and nourishing liquids on the planet.

-In fact studies show that it replenishes the body better than water, has the same boost in performance as an energy drink without the sugar. It is recommended that coconut water not be refrigerated or stored for too long. Drink it fresh for maximum benefit.

3 .Slurpy Smoothies

Home-made smoothies hydrate better than water and can have a variety of benefits depending on the combination of ingredients used. Smoothies can be used to help lose weight, give energy for a workout, or help hydrate the skin.

-Blend two mangoes, 6 peaches, with one cup of yoghurt and ice cubes, add a few drops of vanilla extract for flavour for a healthy refreshing drink.

-Blend a cup of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with 12-15 ice cubes 2 spoons of honey and some lemon juice. An energy drink that can be used before a work out.

4 . Fresh Juices

Packaged juices contain sugars, flavour additives and preservatives which cause more harm than good. Freshly squeezed juices are a great way to rehydrate and nourish the body. Try these juices for hydration and health benefits.

-Squeeze the juice of 3 carrots, add some grated ginger for flavour and you have a healthy drink packed with beta carotene.

-Blend watermelon and mint leaves for a refreshing drink that rehydrates and keeps you feeling full.

5 . Buttermilk (Lassi)

-A heavy meal is incomplete without a glass of buttermilk. A great way to help digest food, buttermilk also helps rehydrate the body, maintain ph levels and maintain the levels of good bacteria in the gut.

-Blend a cup of yoghurt with a cup of water; add mint leaves, salt, pepper and cumin powder to garnish for a refreshing drink.

-Blend a cup of yoghurt with a cup of water, and half a cup of diced mango. Add honey and a pinch of cardamon powder and some mint leaves for added flavour.

So, needless to say, while there is no substitute for water, if you’re bored of plain old water spruce up your hydration plan with these healthy alternatives. Make sure you pick one everyday to your work place and stay hydrated all day long. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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