How to care for your hair this winter?


With the onset of winters we change our wardrobe and skincare routines, but often forget to modify our hair care regimen to protect our hair from the winter damage.  Harsh outdoor environment  and indoor heating systems suck out moisture from our hair, making it dry, dull, brittle and unmanageable!

Here are some essential tips to ensure healthy hair this winter :

1 . Choose Hair Products Wisely

– Your shampoo for winters should contain essential fatty acids and humectants, to help attract and hold moisture in your hair. Look for shampoos with shea butter, ginger milk, soy protein and panthenol as well as essential oils. These ingredients help open the hair cuticle so the moisture can be absorbed

– Always use sulphate free shampoos to keep your hair hydrated

– Use a good conditioner to nourish the hair deeply.Conditioners with Glycerin, Vegetable oils and Dimethicone copolyol provide moisture and smoothness without weighing down hair

2 . Oil your Hair Regularly

– Deep condition your hair at least once a week with natural oils

– Go for a hot oil massage using coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil


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3 . Avoid Washing your Hair Everyday

– Washing your hair daily will dry out your hair in winter

– Instead, wash it 2-3 times a week to help replenish the natural hair oils

– Also stay away from very hot water as it makes the hair dry, frizzy and prone to damage. Instead, use lukewarm water while rinsing your hair

4 . Use Styling Tools with Caution

– Try to use blow dryers and flat irons less frequently. They suck the moisture out of the hair and the heat damages the hair cuticle

– Limit their use to once a week and invest in a good quality styling product

5 . Include Hair Healthy Foods in your Diet

 – Include foods rich in protein and biotin like eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, soya, paneer, pulses for hair strength and growth

– Add foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like crushed flax seeds, fish and nuts to improve the texture of your hair

– Take Vitamin E rich foods like nuts, dark green vegetables, legumes and whole grains rich to fortify the hair’s natural oil-retaining barriers

– Include magnesium and potassium rich foods for added lustre and strength. These include green leafy vegetables, lettuce, cabbage and bananas

6 . Keep Hydrated

– Water makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair

– Moisture makes the hair supple, so make sure you get plenty of fluids

– Drink at least 2-3 litres of fluids in the day. In addition to water, you could include coconut water, green tea, chaach and nimbu paani to hydrate your body

So, by using the right products, eating healthy and avoiding habits that damage the hair, you can ensure healthy and lustrous hair this winter.

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