Home Made Whey Protein: Here Is Why It Is Healthy For You!

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Whey, a slightly yellowish liquid that is left behind when you make cottage cheese (paneer) or the liquid component in yoghurt (dahi ka pani), is a rich source of proteins. Whey protein tops the diet chart of gym-goers and body builders. It is a natural source of several essential nutrients and proteins. Though it is available as a supplement in different department stores, the natural whey protein is considered healthier as it does not have any side-effects. Highly nutritious in nature, it is rich in proteins and essential amino acids.

Here are some amazing health benefits of home-made whey protein:

1 . Promotes Heart Health 

Scientists suggest that whey protein works just like blood pressure lowering drugs, as it inhibits the angiotensin – converting enzyme (ACE). It has also been shown to reduce the stickiness of blood platelets and thrombosis – which can trigger both heart attack and stroke.

2 . Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Research suggests that whey protein helps to reduce excess levels of LDL cholesterol in the human body. It increases the HDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides – all of which is good for your cardiovascular health.

3. Improves Digestion 

Consuming whey protein in its natural form inhibits the harmful gut bacteria and supports the beneficial bacteria. This helps in regulating the digestion process and thereby reduce the chances of bloating and flatulence. The lactic acid in whey helps to stimulate optimal intestinal function.

4 . Aids Kidney Function

Excess salt can cause body tissues to retain fluids that can cause edema in the legs, ankles , hands and fingers. Whey protein is rich in potassium, a natural enemy to salt, therefore helps to expel excess salt and water from the body without causing a mineral imbalance.

5 . Boosts Bladder Function 

Whey protein stimulates urination and the release of wastes and toxins especially if the body has a tendency to retain water. Studies suggest that a plant based diet with added whey protein can help your body eliminate harmful waste products that promote cancer cell growth and decrease the risk for urinary bladder cancer.

Ways To Use Home-made Whey Protein:

-Natural home-made whey can be used to cook rice, pasta, vegetables and even soup. You can use whey to boil rice, pasta or even add it to your vegetables while cooking.  If you are making soup, use whey as the base instead of water or stock.

-Instead of using water to knead your aata (dough), you can use home-made whey instead. Your rotis will remain soft for a longer time and you will have an extra helping of protein.

-Fresh juice from carrot or cabbage often tastes thick at times.If you need to liquidize them further, add whey instead of water to the juices. It will be tasty and healthy as well and shall serve as a glass full of nutrients

-Whey has a nice tangy flavor. You can replace the tomatoes used in upma with whey. Or if you don’t use tomatoes and use only water, you can replace the water content with whey. This way you shall treat yourself with a healthier upma snack.

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