High Levels Of Saturated Fats May Increase Risk For Heart Disease!


Replace high levels of unhealthy monosaturated fats with healthier fats, nuts, plant proteins and whole grains to reduce the risk of coronory heart diseases (CHD) by upto 8%, study suggests

-Recent research, conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, studied the effect of high levels of saturated fats on the risk of CHD.

-The study pooled and analyzed close to 116,000 patients, split in two cohorts. One that included 43,000 men and other with 73,000 women.

-The study took in account the dietary habits of the subjects across a span of 24 years (1986-2010).

-Findings suggest that 5% higher intake of longer chain dietary saturated fatty acids(found in hard cheese, whole milk, butter, beef, and chocolate) was linked to 25% increased risk of CHD.

-Experts were of the opinion that by replacing 1% of the daily consumption of saturated fatty acids with monosaturated fatty acids, plant proteins and whole grain carbohydrates would decrease the risk of CHD by upto 8%.

-Findings were published in The BMJ

Source: The BMJ

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