6 Asthma Myths Busted!


Myth #1 : Asthma Comes And Goes. It Is Not Always There

Fact : The symptoms of asthma, i.e. tightness of chest, breathlessness, coughing and wheezing may come and go but asthma stays. It is important to know that asthma is a chronic (long duration) disease which needs to be treated by taking medicines even in the absence of symptoms. Since the underlying cause of asthma is a swelling in the airways of the lungs, if you stop taking medicines thinking that your symptoms no longer persist, you would be doing yourself a lot of harm.

Myth #2 : You Cannot Lead A Normal Life If You Have Asthma

Fact : You can lead an active and healthy life despite your asthma. If you follow your physician’s advice, educate yourselves about asthma, take your medication regularly as prescribed by the doctor, and avoid the triggers, there is no reason why asthma should hinder your life. There are many successful film stars, politicians, business people, doctors, cricketers, even Olympic gold medalists who have asthma and still continue leading normal, active lives.

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Myth #3 : You Cannot Exercise And Play Sports If You Have Asthma

Fact : You can exercise and play sports even if you have asthma, but you must take your medicines regularly. Swimming is good for asthma. On the other hand, exercising in dry, cold air may be a trigger for some people. It is important that you take your medicines regularly, as prescribed by your doctor. Some asthmatics benefit by using a Reliever before exercising. So always keep your Reliever handy too. Do inform your team members, your gym instructor or your coach about what they should do in case you have an attack.

Myth #4 : Tablets And Syrups Are Better Than Inhalers

Fact : Oral medication is not better than inhalation therapy and there is enough research to prove it. Tablets and syrups take time to act as they pass from the stomach to the bloodstream and finally to the lungs. Comparatively, inhalers act quickly because the drug is delivered directly into the lungs. In most countries, inhalation therapy has succeeded in replacing oral therapy because it is effective, safe and a cost efficient way to control asthma.

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Myth #5 : Swallowing Live Fish Can Cure Asthma

Fact : This is an unscientific and bizarre practice in many parts of the country where patients are made to gulp down the fish stuffed with a yellow herbal paste, in the hope it will help them breathe more easily. Not only is it unscientific but also unhygienic and baseless with no medical evidence of cure.

Myth #6 : Inhalers Are Costly

Fact : Inhalation therapy is not more expensive than tablets and syrups. In fact, the per day cost of an inhaler is actually less than tablets/syrups. In India, inhalers are specially priced to be affordable. There are some oral medications that are costlier than inhalers. Besides, the damage caused by tablets is more expensive in the long run for your health.


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