Here Is Why You Should Not Sleep While Watching TV!

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Post a hectic day at work, most of us choose to relax by eating dinner while watching TV. Surprisingly, science has proved with enough pieces of evidence, of how harmful TV during meals and before sleep can be. The sleep that you may get while watching TV is usually due to fatigue of eye muscles and mind.-No, it is not healthy to doze off while watching TV. However,

-Most of us fall asleep while watching TV and we are mistaken in the fact that TV helps to put us to sleep. Whereas, it has been revealed that excess of screen time only causes fatigue of eye muscles and mind and therefore puts one to sleep.

-The human body follows a circadian rhythm, wherein a hormone called melatonin puts you to sleep in darkness at the night time. The high-energy visible light (light emitted from electronic gadgets such as TV, cellphones) suppresses the release of melatonin (sleep hormone) and therefore disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body.

-When one falls asleep while watching TV, in a short time the light and noise of TV stimulates the nerve pathway from the eye to a part of the brain that controls the sleep center. This unusual stimulation disrupts the sleep and wakes the person up and disturbs the circadian rhythm.

-With the increasing number of people suffering from sleep disorders, it is best recommended to keep such gadgets away 45 minutes before the bedtime.

-Also, in case one feels dependent on the TV for sleep, practice habits such as eating magnesium-rich foods, having an early dinner, exercising regularly, avoid napping at odd hours and reading a book before sleeping for a sound sleep the healthy way. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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