Can Gel Manicure Increase Risk For Cancer?

Can Gel Manicure Increase Risk For Cancer?

The light boxes emitting UVA radiations, used for gel manicures, could increase the risk for cancer, study suggests

-A recent study was focussed on evaluating the risk of gel used in the manicure with the increased risk of cancer.

-The findings of the study suggested that the lamps and boxes that are used to seal the nail polish professionally emit a high level of UV-A radiations (which play a key role in cancer development).

-Though a study conducted in 2014 suggested that the level of UVA exposure associated with a gel manicure every two weeks probably isn’t high enough to increase the risk of skin cancer significantly.

-It was also suggested that before the manicure, one could opt for a sunscreen that could be applied on the nails to avert the chances for the same.

-It is also recommended to take a break from nail polish for a week or two a few times a year for healthy nails.

-Findings were published in JAMA Dermatology

Source: JAMA Dermatology

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