Essential Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Senior Resident ( Gynae & Obs), Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital, New Delhi


  • Weight gain during pregnancy for women with normal BMI (18.2-22.9) should be around 11 kg
  • Women who are already obese (overweight) should not gain more than 7 kg
  • Women who are underweight may gain up to 19 kg
  • Rapid weight gain of more than 2 kg a month after 5th month may be predictor of impending high blood pressure
  • Stationary or falling weight may lead to low birth weight babies



  • Take plenty of fluids in form water, juices, milk, curd
  • Avoid excessive tea ,coffee and alcohol
  • Take almost a litre of fluid above your usual intake
  • Proper fluid intake is a natural defence against constipation and urinary infection as both constipation and urinary infection can lead to preterm deliveries (delivery prior to expected date leading to weak babies)

Iron supplements

  • Haemoglobin level during pregnancy should be above 11 gm%
  • Start iron containing tablets after 3rd month till delivery
  • Take iron rich diets such as spinach, tomatoes, jaggery, green leafy vegetables, beans, sprouts, red meat, and fish


  • Calcium requirement during pregnancy is 1000 mg per day
  • Have milk and milk based products along with calcium supplements(after 3rd month)
  • Do not take iron and calcium tablets at the same time as they interfere with each other’s absorption

Folic acid

  • Start taking folic acid tablets from the time when you plan pregnancy and continue till 3rd month

Adding a health drink or nutritional supplement powder to your daily glass of milk can help you get  100% of daily requirement of several nutrients.


  • Get around 8 hours of sleep at night. Take short breaks during the day along with a mid-day nap. In late pregnancy it is better to lie in left lateral position


  • Mild exercise in the form of walking for approx.30 mins a day is good for both mother and baby


  • Sex is safe during pregnancy but should be avoided in first three months months and last 1 month or if there is any  history of bleeding


  • Avoid sudden jerks and traveling along bumpy roads during 1-3 months and last month of pregnancy
  • Long road journeys are safe between long journey can be done between 4th to 7th month
  • Air travel is safe between 4th to 7th month of pregnancy
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