Is your baby getting enough milk?

Is your baby getting enough milk?

Dr. Amrinder Bajaj, MBBS, MD, Gynae & Obs, Head of the Dept. Max Hospital( Pitampura)

A question that haunts every breastfeeding mother is whether there is enough milk for the baby. Breast milk is nature’s way of taking care of the nutritional needs of the new born and it is very rare that a mother will produce insufficient milk for her child.

Signs that your baby is getting sufficient milk:

  • Baby’s doctor is satisfied with baby’s weight gain.
  • Baby is feeding at least six to eight times a day and is content after a feed.
  • Baby looks healthy and has firm skin
  • Baby is passing enough urine. (at least six to eight wet nappies every 24 hours, once he’s more than five days old)
  • Baby’s urine is pale and odorless.
  • Breastfeeding feels comfortable and painless.
  • Your breasts feel emptier and softer after feeds.
  • You can see and hear your baby swallow while he is feeding, and he seems to be latched on properly.

How to breastfeed

  • Breast feed every 2-3 hours.
  • Keep the baby for at least 15 minutes at one breast before shifting to the other breast.
  • Avoid giving baby milk from the same breast every time.
  • Keep a mental note of which breast the baby took last and feed from alternate breast at next feed.
  • Avoid Too frequent feeding as it also lead to lesser intake of milk at each feed since the baby will not be very hungry.
  • Make sure the baby is properly latched.
  • Maintain a semi-reclining position in bed or sit on a straight backed chair with arm rests and a pillow/feeding pillow on your lap.
  • With the baby’s head in the crook of your elbow, support your child’s body with your arm and buttocks with your hand.
  • Bring his face close to your breast. Do not lean forwards to avoid backache.
  • Always burp the baby after every feed.

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6 thoughts on “Is your baby getting enough milk?

  1. amita mishra

    I have a three years old baby boy.his weight is below 10 kg.he takes 1 chappati & 250 gm milk twice a this diet sufficient for him?what should I do for improving his diet and weight?

    1. Dr. Khoobsurat Najma

      Amita, your child needs a well balanced diet that has protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. what he is taking now is not sufficient. I would suggest you to consult your pediatrician for a food chart and follow that.

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