Are We The Culprit Behind Our Child’s Obesity?


Who doesn’t adore a good healthy plump child with chubby cheeks? Such a kid will be the centre of attraction and will get a lot of “awws” by especially women. And all these “awws” won’t make you guilty to add a dollop of butter on those yummy Aloo parantha’s for your kid. Within no time, this method of not worrying about the ” extra fat ” factor, the kid grows up into an obese child fighting with his own self-esteem. No matter how cute your kid is, there is always a fine line between cuteness and fat. If you have ignored that line, it’s a sign!

Here’s, what you need to know to when we as a parent unknowingly push our child towards being obese:

Not every cry is for food

Every hue and cry of a baby is not because of hunger but maybe just for attention. Babies can cry just for anything to everything. Increase breastfeeding in early childhood as it not only reduces the appetite of children but also prompts them to eat only as much as they need. During infancy, once the baby has signalled full tummy, never encourage him to finish till the last drop whether it is expressed breast milk or formula milk. If your baby’s a little heavy to start with, don’t rush to start solids may be until 6 months.

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Quick way to settle a cranky toddler

We live in an age where patience is not everyone’s strength. Any misbehaviour or tantrum should not let us end up buying a fat lidden chocolate/sweet delight.Be it an achievement or behavioural concern, a sweet/junk should never be used as a reward.

Let him play outdoors

With the increase in innovative gadgets and technology, the kids these days are more hooked to electronic gadgets rather than playing outdoors. With the rise in safety concerns amongst the parents and township style lifestyle, the chances for a kid to play outdoors are getting bleak. Help your kid to develop a sports hobby and follow that regularly.

Being overprotective

Parents sometimes unintentionally help in raising health problems in their child. Many parents don’t allow their kids to play outdoors or even crawl on the ground during the early age. This may gradually turn into his disinterest in physical activities or sports.

It’s all in the genes

Yes, that’s true. If you have a history of obesity in your family than there are high chances of your child being obese.

Your fridge can be the culprit too

Most of the time our fridge is filled with more of unhealthy snacks rather than healthy options. Make sure you always have 2-3 healthy snacks available in your fridge.

Keep a check on gadget time

Don’t feed your toddler with the TV on, just to make him feed more.This habit, later on, turns into binge eating everytime they watch TV.

You are your kid’s mentor

Parents are the role model for kids. One should adopt healthy eating habits to ensure their children also follows them.

Family dinner time and kitchen time

Lastly, encourage your children, boy or girl to lend a hand in the kitchen and allow them to see how vegetables are cooked. It would be encouraging for kids to eat veggies. Always try to have at least one family meal.

Childhood Obesity has now become one of the most serious health concerns of this century and is increasingly affecting the urban areas. As a parent help your children learn about the healthy living.

Eat healthy, Stay active.


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