How To De-Stress the Stress At Workplace?

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With the rise of stress at workplace leading to mental health problems, this year’s World Mental Health Day to be observed on 10 October 2017, will thematically focus on the same.

A study conducted on ‘The Mental Health Status of Employees in Corporate India,’ showed shocking results of one out of every two employees in corporate India suffering from anxiety and depression. The triggering cause to this mental illness was prolonged ongoing work stress.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the symptoms of work-related stress or are too shy to discuss it with their peers or seniors.

The possible reasons leading you to this condition at the workplace would be:

1. Stress, strain, and work pressure to meet multiple deadlines.
2. Inability to deliver proposed work and generate the target productivity on time in your organization.
3. A feeling of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, tension, and a blend of fear and silence at your workplace.
4. Intersecting your personal emotions with your professional life.
5. Being isolated or rejected by your co-workers.
6. A negative work environment

These issues at the workplace can push one towards anxiety, depression and to overcome these feelings one might get involved in drugs, alcohol or smoking, which can further add to your woes.

Some simple and small steps may save you from the woes of mental stress at workplace.

1. Participate in various activities

Take part in activities like games, seminars, exercises, team outings, etc. organized by your office. This can help you to walk out of work stress and can rejuvenate your work spirit.

2. Connect and notice

Being connected, close and noticed is the prime human need. Hence, maintain a social relationship with your colleagues or walk to your friends at work to stay connected rather than a phone or e-mail.

3. Learn

Knowledge is the only wealth that cannot be stolen. So, update, learn and enhance your skills for a good self-esteem and more active life. Read news, books and try to research on things you are interested in and add a new word a day to your vocabulary.

4. Getting work-life balance right

Are you often the last to leave work? We know there will be times when you need to work overtime to meet deadlines but try to make this the exception, not the norm. Long hours will eventually take a toll on your concentration, productiveness, and health.

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5. Healthy diet and nutrition

A healthy mind in a healthy body; hence make sure you feed yourself with nutritious foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, healthy snacks, refreshing tea and stay hydrated. Good health starts off with a good breakfast, so don’t skip your first meal.

6. Be active

Exercise is an essential activity for all age groups and it reduces mental and physical stress. You can do slow-paced activities like walking, breathing exercises and meditation. Avoid lifts and take the stairs, walk a little at lunch hours, or indulge yourself in some kind of indoor sports.

7. Use the time on your way back home to unwind yourself

Read a book or listen to your favorite music to set aside some time to yourself.

8. Medication

Lastly, visit a doctor if things become serious and treat yourself with good medication and counseling as suggested.

Do not complicate your life with stress at your workplace. Take a deep breath and relieve yourself, all will be well!

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