Are You A Cell Phone Addict? Signs That You Are Overusing Your Phone

Are You A Cell Phone Addict? Signs That You Are Overusing Your Phone

Do you check your phone after every now and then? Do you frequently think about calls or messages you may receive? Do you prefer spending time on your phone rather than talking to friends or family or engaging in other activities? If the answer to all these questions is a ‘Yes’, then my friend there are a lot of chances that you might be a cell phone addict.

Here are some more common signs and symptoms linked with overuse of cell phone that would make you realize that you are addicted to it:

1. You have a cell phone in hand all the time

2. Your phone battery does not last for long compared to its desired duration

3. You carry your phone to the washroom or even while taking a shower

4. You check your phone even when you do not have any notifications

5. You continue to text even if you are getting late for some work or events

6. You get a panic attack when you are unable to find your phone

7. You treasure your cell phone as the most precious possession

8. You lose track of your time when you are with your phone

9. You are always active on social media

10. When your phone runs out of battery you run for your charger like fire on your back

11. When cell phone is the first thing you look at after getting up in the morning and is also the last thing before you go to sleep

12. When you get aggressive if someone takes your phone for a relatively longer duration

13. If you have put your relationship or job at risk due to excessive cell phone use

14. If you sleep with your cell phone on or under your pillow or just next to your bed

15. You eat and drink while texting or checking social media platforms

What should you do to control cell phone addiction or its overuse?

The line between overuse and addiction is gray. You are gradually moving into the zone of addiction when you are unable to restrict yourself from using your phone even when it’s harming your life.

Here are some tips that will significantly help you to get rid of overusing cell phones:

1. First things first! Get involved in other chores that do not require cell phone use.

2. Customize your notifications! When you will get fewer notifications, you will automatically use your phone less.

3. Delete unnecessary applications! Fewer applications, fewer notifications, less usage.

4. Make it a point to switch off your phone before you go to bed or at least keep it on silent. This way you will save your eyesight, time, and will also have a good and sound sleep.

5. Make use of the airplane mode when in meetings or while spending time with friends and family.

6. You don’t need to carry your phone everywhere. Of course, you can leave it behind when going to the washroom or while taking a shower.

Use your cell phone wisely. Do not let it use you

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