Can Surgery Cause Increased Blood Sugar In Non-Diabetics?

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Yes. Surgery can lead to high blood sugar levels in non-diabetics.

-Any surgery acts as a physical stress for the body.

-The body gears up for a speedy recovery and during this period, our body mobilizes energy i.e. glucose to overcome this stress.

-Certain hormones too are released to overcome this stress. Among many others like cortisol, these hormones include insulin and glucagon, both of which work in combination to maintain our blood sugar levels within the normal range.

-This increased mobilization of glucose as a ‘stress response’ and increased release of hormones can result in an imbalance of sugar level and thus, increase blood sugars (especially in non-diabetics).

-This is usually managed without medicines, as glucose levels come down within the normal range in a few hours to days. But, in case of diabetic patients’ insulin needs to be administered for controlling it.

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