Why Are Diabetics Advised To Keep Their Feet Clean And Free From Bruises?

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-People who have diabetes for over 10 years, tend to have damaged nerves in their legs and feet because of persistent high blood sugar levels.

-The damaged nerves are the reason for diminished sensations in the feet in diabetics.

-In such a state of poor sensations, if they get hurt or injured, they won’t be able to feel the pain following the injury.As the injury will go unattended till noticed visually, this injured area might develop into an ulcer and get infected.

-Due to the high blood sugars in diabetics, the infections and ulcers don’t heal as quickly as they do in non-diabetics and respond slower to treatment too. If this continues, then the infection may spread deeper inside the foot and infect the bone and into the blood stream leading to sepsis.

-In extreme cases, the non-healing wound could lead t gangrene of the limb and may sometimes require amputation of the affected limb.

-So,people with diabetes are always recommended to keep their legs and feet clean and free from bruises. They should choose comfortable footwear and inspect their feet each night before going to bed. If they suspect any cuts or wounds that are not healing easily, they should consult their doctor immediately.

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