Brisk Walking : Here Is Why You Must Give It A Try!

Brisk Walking : Here Is Why You Must Give It A Try!

A habit that has been around for the longest time is the ‘Morning Walk’. While practitioners vouch for its health benefits, more and more people are adopting this habit for its sheer practicality. A brisk 30-minute walk every morning is strongly recommended by fitness experts.While as a brisk walk might not look as fancy as going to the gym,it is undoubtedly a tremendously healthy, extremely cost effective and easily sustainable activity.

Here are some health benefits that a brisk walk has to offer:

1 . Helps In Weight Loss 

This is the primary motivation behind starting any new physical activity in today’s life and morning walking is a very effective exercise in this regard. Studies have shown that walking 3-4 kilometres in the morning for 1 week can enable you to lose as much as 2 kilograms.

2 . Improves Heart Health

Regular morning walks improve the HDL (good fats) to LDL (harmful fats) ratio in our blood and also helps in controlling blood pressure. These decrease the chances of a fatal heart-attack substantially.

3 . Regulates Blood Sugar

Diabetics are always prescribed a brisk walk in the morning by doctors to control the sugar levels. The lucky ones can half the risk of getting Diabetes by walking regularly in the morning.

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4 . Increases Life Expectancy

Regular morning walks curb the risk of diseases like cancer, depression and cardiovascular disorders among others. This helps improve the quality of life as well as adds years to it.

5 . Relieves Stress

The fresh morning air does wonders for the mind and body. Like other activities, regular morning walks improve one’s self-esteem. This is the main weapon in combating depression. In addition, the pollution levels are low during early mornings and hence the risk of free-radical damage is lower.

6 . Strengthens The Body

Walking strengthens the muscles of the legs and back and helps you get a toned lower body with lesser effort than running. It is also beneficial to the wellness of bones and prevents arthritis and osteoporosis. As a major plus, walking being a low-impact exercise, the risk of injury is lesser compared to running or gym workouts.

7 . Improves Sleep

While waking up early may suggest otherwise, morning walks actually enrich your snore-time. While walking you energize your mind while giving the muscles a tiring workout that helps you sleep better at night.

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-Get proper walking shoes before you start and wear comfortable but loose clothes.

-Keep yourself hydrated to prevent cramps in the middle of your walk.

-Eat breakfast after your morning walk.

-Sleep for 8 hours even though if it entails missing soaps on the TV.

-Get your partner and friends involved to keep yourself motivated

– Practice the ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ saying and reap the many benefits of an early morning walk.

So, go ahead, get your walking shoes out of the closet and start walking your way to good health. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

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