Break Up With Loneliness: 6 Ways To Bring Back Your Positivity

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We live in an era where most of us though packed with tight schedules are troubled by problems such as loneliness, anxiety and stress. It is important to understand that acknowledging a  problem is half the job done and working towards it does the rest.

Here are a few simple and science backed ways to fight loneliness:

1 . Go for Coffee Dates With Yourself

-While you already are well informed about the endless benefits offered by Coffee, then why not try some of these. Coffee has been found to stimulate the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, that brings pleasant feelings and euphoria to you.

-More so having coffee with your own self, shall give you that time to understand yourself while you are stepping into the “not lonely” phase. It is best to be ones’ own good friend and fight the situation.

2 . Do Something That You Always Wanted To

– All you need to ward off loneliness is to do is pick a hobby of your liking. It can be a sport, reading, yoga, painting, travelling or writing.

-Practice that one hobby. It shall increase the release of the happy hormones and keep you busy. As per science, the theory of behavioral activation suggests that rather than thinking too much, it is good to just to do it. Therefore, just take the very first step.

3 . Bond With A Pet

-Studies suggest that pets (especially dogs) have the ability to keep you away from loneliness. They keep you busy, provide you a support to share thoughts even though you may feel the pet is not in the capacity to reply, but these natural creatures are great listeners.

-While you are at a stage where you would least want to be caring for someone, a pet shall help to get these basic values back in you. Regular short morning/ evening walks with the pet is another added benefit.

4 . Render Your Services At A Help Home

-As per studies, as one ages, he/ she is at an increased risk of loneliness and depression. You can choose to give your services at an old age home or home for destitute on a weekly basis.

-Going to such a place would not only reduce your boredom and loneliness but also increase positivity in you. It shall help someone like you who probably needs it more.

5 . Practice Meditation

-Meditation shall not only calm you and strengthen you internally but will also help you identify the hidden you. Yoga alongside meditation shall empower you from within.

-Join morning classes to learn meditation. A group activity will push you to interact with people and you may also end up being friends with some.

6 . Write It Down

-Psychological studies suggest that writing about life goals, challenges and opportunities help you understand yourself much better than by simply only talking. Writing shall give you the space to be honest and vent out your thoughts.

-When ever you feel depressed or lonely, write. Though we are in a digital world, you may choose to write letters to your loved ones and share a though of yours. It can be very therapuetic.

So, engage yourself in fruitful and positive activities and keep yourself busy and let not loneliness creep in. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy with 1mg!

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