Antibiotics may impact cancer treatment efficacy: 1mg News Digest

Antibiotics may impact cancer treatment efficacy

1. Antibiotics may impact cancer treatment efficacy: Study
Infections are typically the biggest complication of chemotherapy, and antibiotics are commonly prescribed to prevent and treat them.  Turns out, antibiotics may impact cancer treatment efficacy. Any negative impact of antibiotics on cancer treatment appears to go back to the gut and to whether the microbiota is needed to help activate the T cells driving treatment response, said Dr Gang Zhou, in a study conducted at Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.
Source: Deccan Chronicle

2. Vitamin D May Reduce Mortality Risk In Cardiovascular Patients: Study
Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin is an essential nutrient that keeps the bones and teeth healthy. It also plays a major role in regulation and absorption of calcium in the body, which helps strengthen our bones, teeth and even heart muscles. According to the latest study, vitamin D could help give you a longer life too.
Source: NDTV

3. Dear parents, does your child suffer from asthma? Here’s what you should do
Improving pediatric asthma care is possible, a new research has found. According to a University of Connecticut-study, improved personalized inpatient assessments can enhance the accuracy of the prescribed asthma therapy, a child receives.
Source: Hindustan Times

4. Tips To Remove Holi Colors
Holi, as we all know, is the festival of colors. It signifies victory over evil and the arrival of spring. It is a festival celebrated with vibrant colors. But, over a period of time, the use of colors has deteriorated and are very harsh on your skin and hair. We often struggle to take those color patches off our skin.
Here, we have some tips to get rid of Holi colors without damaging your skin & hair.

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