9 Everyday Habits To Help You Stay Happy!

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Being happy and healthy starts with small, everyday habits and trying some of these can make a huge difference to your life.  Life circumstances have little to do with happiness because much happiness is under your control – the product of your habits and your outlook in life.  You either create happiness or you don’t.  When it comes to making yourself happy, you need to learn what works for you.  And making yourself happy doesn’t just improve your performance; it is also good for your health. Here are some habits that can help you stay happy and embrace life:

1 . Plan Ahead

In today’s fast paced life not many people plan ahead. Those who do think through and plan their days ahead of time, set themselves up for happiness and success.  Set clean, attainable goals for the day (and the future) and this will save you a lot of time and energy.  There will be less of procrastination and more of work done in less time leaving you enough time to do things that give you happiness and joy.

2 . Clear The Clutter

Create a space that’s soothing and uplifting and free from unwanted junk. Whether it’s a picture of your family, a piece of art, fresh flowers or quirky bits and bobs, display them prominently to keep them on your mind. Get rid of the junk and clutter that holds no significance. A clean and clear space always invokes feelings of peace and calm which in turn makes you feel happy and relaxed.

3 . Learn To Forgive

Stop carrying grudges. They weigh you down and take up too much mental space. Don’t burden yourself with thoughts of revenge against someone who probably doesn’t even care about how you feel. Learn to forgive to set yourself free from the angst that holding on to negative emotions, brings. Forgiving will make you sleep better and will bring about a sense of calm and relaxation.

4 . Take Charge of Your Health

Health is wealth. Take charge of your health. You might get a second chance at a lot of things but you will never get a second healthy body again. If your body isn’t happy, then it will be much more difficult for your mind to stay happy.

5 . Smile More

Exercise your facial muscles every morning by smiling at people you meet – it could be co-worker, a family member, a stranger – spread a little kindness to get a little happiness back.

6 . Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can lead to headaches, irritability and lack of concentration so make sure you are drinking enough water. Try sipping on some coconut water, fruit juices along with you daily intake of water. A hydrated body leaves you feeling good.

7 . Make Positive Connections

Don’t surround yourself with negative and depressed people. Healthy happy people surround themselves with other people who love life. Try to stay upbeat and positive and you will find you naturally attract other like-minded people.

8 . Get Enough Sleep

Proper undisturbed sleep is important for improving your mood, focus and self-control. When you sleep your brain literally recharges, removes toxic proteins that accumulate during the day. This ensures that you wake up alert and clear headed. Happy people make sleep a priority because it makes them feel great.

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