7 Amazing Healing Powers Of Neem Ke Patte


Since times immemorial, neem has been a one stop solution to several ailments. In the context of Ayurveda, it is called sarvarog nivarini (medicine for all diseases). Almost all the parts of a neem tree possess healing powers. The fruit, leaves, bark,roots are all used in medicines. As per a research, over 100 diseases are treated by using different parts of this tree.

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of neem. The best part is, you don’t have to visit a supermarket to get neem.

1 . Fights Skin Problems

The neem leaves possess anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it beneficial for various skin problems. Skin conditions such as acne, black heads, drying and pigmentation can be taken care by neem leaves. Get some neem leaves and boil till the water turns green. Wash your face with this water every morning. You can also add this water to your bath water every day to keep the skin infections at bay.

2 . Treats Dandruff

Due to their anti-microbial property, the leaves can be used to eliminate dandruff. Crush tender neem leaves and tulsi and use the extract to wash your hair at least twice a week.

3 . Reduces Belly Fat

Neem flowers aid fat breakdown. Neem flowers if taken along with lemon facilitate effective waste elimination from the body hence helping fat breakdown. Crush a handful of neem flowers add a spoon of honey and half of lemon juice. Mix this solution well and sip it on an empty stomach in the morning. You should not drink anything else for atleast half an hour.

4. Regulates Blood Sugar 

 Neem flowers have lipid lowering and anti-diabetic properties. You can drink neem flower juice on empty stomach and keep your sugar under control.

 5 . Fights Cancer

 Polysaccharides & limonoids found in neem help in reducing tumours & cancer. Consuming neem in any form prevents the accumulation of cancerous cells and also keeps the number in control. The most effective way to benefit is to have a glass of neem juice early morning. Take some neem leaves, wash them off and add to water. Boil till the water becomes half of initial level. You can add some spices to reduce its bitterness. Never add sugar to neem juice, you can use honey though.

6 . Relieves Oral Problems

Neem twigs commonly called daatun, is an excellent solution to oral problems. The anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of neem provide relief from mouth ulcers, bad breath, toothache and also keeps the teeth shining. Use a medium size twig and chew it from one side to make it like a brush. Now brush your teeth with this natural brush and rinse with water.

7 . Promotes Gastric Health

Neem has also been associated with keeping gastric problems away. Conditions like stomach ulcer, cramping, bloating can be cured if one consumes neem in any of the form stated above.


Initially try to consume neem on alternate days.Pregnant women should not consume neem as it may be harmful to the baby. Always consult a doctor if you are planning to take neem with any other medicine. Stay healthy, Stay Happy!

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