Living With Arthritis: 7 Simple Rules You Must Follow


Living with arthritis involves adapting to a lifestyle that minimizes undue pressure on the joints. Simple everyday tasks involve almost all body joints. You can care and look after our joints by performing these tasks in a correct way and protect your joints from risk of further damage.

Here are some essential tips on how to care for your joints on a daily basis:

1 . When Using A Chair

-Avoid using your wrists or knuckles when getting up from your chair. Instead use your forearms to push or get up from a chair. This helps in distributing the weight more evenly and prevents any undue stress on joints.

-When getting out of the chair, one way is to lean forward with your hands around your knees and push up/stand up by using your leg muscles.

-Another way of getting up from the chair is to distribute the weight between your forearms and the legs. This avoids straining the knuckles or the shoulders.

2 . When Carrying A Bag

-Avoid carrying too much weight. You may strain your shoulders and fingers if you carry your bag by holding the strap.

-Carry your bag on your shoulder if it is not too heavy.

3 . When Reading A Book

-Avoid resting your face on your elbows and knuckles when reading a book.

-Avoid resting your face on your wrists when reading a book.

-Avoid holding the book too tightly. It can strain your wrist. You can use a book rest. It avoids any strain on your elbows, knuckles, wrists and neck.

4 . When Opening A Jar

-Avoid holding the lid with your fingers and thumb to open the jar. It can strain your thumb.

-Instead, use both hands to increase your grip on the jar. Use the palm of the hand to increase the grip and always screw open towards the thumb.

-Both hands can be used to hold the lid after opening the jar on a nonslip mat or damp cloth.

5 . When Holding A Cup

-Avoid holding the cup with just one hand. Use both hands to hold a light weight cup or a mug.

-Use cups with larger handles.

6 . When Carrying The Dishes

-Avoid carrying dishes in one hand. It causes strain on the thumb and wrist. Use both hands instead.

-Also avoid carrying dishes on a tray as it causes strain on your neck, shoulders and elbows.

-It is best to use a trolley to carry dishes.

7 . When Lifting Heavy Objects

-Avoid bending forward to lift an object. Instead, band your knees, rest the weight equally on both feet, hold the heavy object close to your body and then lift.

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So, go ahead and follow these basic rules while performing your day to day activities and prevent your joints from further damage and unnecessary impact. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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