7 Fermented Foods To Improve Your Gut Health

7 Fermented Foods To Improve Your Gut Health

From gut feelings to instinctive reactions, the gut likes what it likes. This time around fermented foods have made its way smoothly into the gut, thereby ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Here is a list of 9 such fermented foods that are good for gut health and contribute to a balanced diet.

1 . Kimchi

Kimchi dates back two thousand years ago in Korea, which involves the process of fermenting vegetables like radish and cabbage in salt, vinegar or other spices to preserve them in cold winters. Depending on the kind of vegetables used, Kimchi contributes large amounts of proteins and minerals in the diet while being naturally probiotic.

2 . Pickles

Fermented foods are not just limited to kimchi and fermented soy; its horizons are wide with a fermented pickle that is rich in vitamins, minerals and gut-friendly bacteria. These vitamins and minerals contribute to the gut via antioxidants that revitalise the health as well as nurtures the gut.

3 . Miso

Miso, as commonly associated with Sushi is made by fermenting Soybean, Brown rice or Barley with a fungus called Koji. The ingredients help in boosting the immunity system and creating a better gut for healthy living.

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4 . Yogurt

This fermented dairy product is healthy for blood pressure and a better gut. The intake of yoghurt tends to create a healthy metabolic profile, thereby stimulating a diet quality which fights indigestion through its rich probiotic content.

5 . Olives

Olives are a rich source of probiotics that are nutrition-dense and at the same time quite friendly to your waistline. Olives act as a good snack and contribute to a better gut health by providing benefits like better metabolism and faster digestion.

6 . Cod Liver Oil

While you are already familiar with the benefits of fish oil, fermented cod liver oil is a different league of treats for the gut. It is not only a rich source of probiotics but is also packed with Vitamin A and D that is not just great for the gut but also for holistic body development.

7 . Apple Cider Vinegar

While the world is gung-ho about the beauty benefits of Apple cider vinegar, we are here to let you know of its probiotic abilities. The unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar is great for a healthy gut and is a treat to the taste buds.

Fermented foods are quite a treat to the gut with probiotic qualities that help fight indigestion and slow metabolism. The probiotic foods contain bacteria healthy for the gut, thereby providing benefits like fast digestion and an efficient metabolism function. The foods help in revitalising health and protecting the body by creating a strong immunity system. Science even claims to have advantages against the inflammatory disease of the intestines and irritable bowel syndrome when it comes to the benefits of fermented foods.

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