7 Essential Running Tips For Beginners


In the previous article,we talked about the benefits of running.Now, let us discuss how to start the process of taking up running on a regular basis.

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when you want to embrace running as  part of your fitness regimen:

1 . Invest In Good Footwear. Buy a  good pair of running shoes because that really helps you stay injury free.

2 . Warm Up. It Is very important to do simple stretching exercises before you start running. This warms up the muscles and gears them up for the exertion they’re going to go through.

3 . Start Slow. Allocate a time every day, say 20 minutes to 45 minutes to an hour (this depends on your current fitness levels) and start with a jog-walk.So walk for a bit and then jog at a comfortable pace where you are not panting or gasping for breath. Just before you reach the point of feeling like you can’t go on walk again and once you feel recovered jog again.In a few weeks you will find that you jog more and walk less and over time you can increase the distance you run. This is the best way to build stamina.

4 . Eat Right. Have a light, healthy snack before you run (example: banana, an apple, a bowl of oats/ sweet potato, tea or coffee). Through trial and error you will usually find out what works for you to eat pre-run. After you finish your run, have a nutritious protein rich meal.

5 . Relax Muscles Post-Run. It is important to relax your muscles after you are done with running. You can do this by learning some simple static streTching exercises. This helps keep you flexible and counteracts the repetitive movements of running.

6 . Join A Running Group. Running has taken off in a big way all over India and in most cities you have access to a running group/class or a coach who will guide you in a right manner.

7 .  Get Good Sleep. Running is intense exercise for the body and to repair the muscles, sleep is very important. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep regularly.

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Things To Remember

-It is always a good idea to consult your doctor to rule out any pre-existing conditions which may require special attention before you start running.

-If you feel like you’ve pulled something or a muscle is hurts, don’t neglect it or try to self medicate, consult a physiotherapist and follow instructions before you start running again.

– Always stop or slow down if you don’t feel right. Nothing is more important than your health and well being.

-Nothing excessive is ever good for you so try to balance your running out with other forms of cross training (Yoga, Swimming, Weight Training, and Pilates) because cross training keeps you strong and flexible.

So go ahead and make running a part of your life.Stay Healthy and Keep Running!

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