Get Rid Of Unsightly Corns With Homeopathy

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Corns are small, hard, thick, rough, dead areas on the skin of hands or feet caused by excessive friction, rubbing or pressure. The most common areas for corns are feet, toes, hands and fingers. Corns are white or grey or brown or yellow in color, depending on the site.

What Are The Types Of Corns?

Corns can either be soft or hard. Soft corns form in between the fourth and fifth toe. They are small, painful, inflamed patch of skin with a smooth center while hard corns are firm, dry and tender lesion with a shiny polished surface. They usually occur on top of the toes or on the sides of the feet.

How Does One Get Them?

They are formed out of a protective response to save the skin from the effects of excessive pressure and friction. Triggers include:

-Repeated use of shoes or footwear that are too tight or or too loose, or ill fitted high heels

-A Long continued standing schedule or profuse sweat on the feet

-Patients of medical conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and obesity are at greater risk of complications arising from corns such as bleeding and infection

How Can Corns Be Prevented?

If you are prone o getting corns on your hands or feet, you can prevent them by following these simple tips

-You can use a pumice stone regularly to gently remove hard skin

 -Corns on your feet can be prevented by wearing comfortable and well – fitting shoes

-Corns on hands can be prevented by wearing padded gloves while using a tool such as when gardening or lifting weights

-You can wear protective coverings like non medicated corn pads or bandages, felt pads over areas that rub against your footwear

-Apply over the counter pads to protect the area where a corn developed previously

-If you are prone to having corns then consult with specialist (Podiatrist) for proper shape and size of your shoes

How Does Homeopathy Help In Treating Corns?

-The conventional  method of treating corns involves surgery.  But this is not a permanent solution, since corns have a tendency to recur

-Going for pedicures and home remedies like cutting or trimming corns can aggravate the condition and lead to  unnecessary injury

-Homeopathy offers a safe and long-term remedy. It offers a pain-free and inexpensive alternative to surgical removal and assures a permanent cure

-Corns do not recur once treated successfully with homeopathy

– Homeopathic treatment is painless and effective and  involves only natural medicines taken orally in the form of pills, making it easy to take them

-The medicines are also free of harmful side-effects

-Homeopathic medicines recommended for corns include  Antimonium crudum, Sulphur, Ferrum Pic, Nitic Acid, Hepar sulph, Silicea, Ranunculus Bulbosus and Lycopodium.

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