7 Effective Ways To Kick Your Unhealthy Food Cravings!

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Hectic work schedules, sedentary lifestyle and trying to meet unrealistic deadlines can tempt you to reach out for a 500 Kcal burger or a huge slice of pizza. While indulging in calorie rich food once in a while is not a concern, having processed food to try and get through the day routinely is an unhealthy practice that you should get rid of.

Here are 7 simple and effective ways to help you control those cravings for unhealthy foods and ensure your appetite doesn’t go bonkers on those busy days at work:

1 . Never Skip Breakfast

Having breakfast is vital to staying on the right side of a healthy lifestyle. You really must have a big healthy breakfast everyday to kick start your metabolism. If you avoid breakfast you are likely to feel famished well before lunch time and end up munching on high calorie and sugary foods to increase your blood sugar levels.

2 . Eat Small Meals Throughout The Day

This is just a basic way of preventing yourself from being ravenous at any point in the day. It takes planning, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy to follow. You will be able to conquer hunger pangs by ensuring you eat at least every 3 hours.

3 . Include Whole Grains

Whole grains like oats, quinoa, whole grain pasta, brown rice, etc. take longer to digest and the body feels full for a longer period of time, making it much less likely for you to reach for that bar of chocolate or bag of chips, because you’re not likely to feel the urge to nibble.

4 . Protein Is A Must

This will fill you up and give you oodles of energy. Protein at every meal is a must and it will ensure you feel less hungry.

5 . Stock Up Healthy Nibbles

Keep healthy and low calorie snacks handy. These include nuts, seeds and fresh fruits. This will help you stay away from high sugar and refined foods.

6 . Have Green Tea

Green tea is great for digestion and calms hunger pangs. It also has caffeine and will give you that jolt of energy you may need in the afternoon in stead of sugary food. Replace sugar with Green Tea and you’re on the right track.

7 . Make Exercise A Habit

This will release endorphins and make you feel good. Working out regularly helps you control your hunger better and makes you less likely to binge eat and more likely to eat healthy.

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