6 Foods To Add To Your Diet For A Healthy Liver

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Known to be the largest organ of the body (approximately sized equal to a football), it is also burdened to perform some of the most important functions such as detoxification of the blood, storing of vitamins and iron and production of bile to digest fats. By including healthy foods to our daily diet we can assist the functioning of the liver more effectively.

Foods That Are A Must For A Healthy Liver

Here are a few foods that are a must for a healthy liver:

1 . Garlic

-Rich in sulphur, garlic helps in activating the liver enzymes which aid the flushing out of toxins from the human body.

-Allicin and selenium are the natural compounds, found in garlic, that aid the natural cleansing of the liver

2 . Sweet Potatoes

-Rich source of beta carotene, a natural anti-inflammatory nutrient of the body, converts of a form of Vitamin A that is harmless for the liver and does not cause liver toxicity.

-They are also a good source of fiber and Vitamin C and therefore helps in cleansing the liver.

3 . Beets and Carrots

-An abundant source of plant flavonoids and beta carotene, beets and carrots have been found to be very beneficial in improving liver function

-Carrots are also rich in glutathione, a protein that helps in the detoxifying the liver, stimulates the overall liver function

4 . Green Leafy Vegetables

-As the name suggests, green leafy vegetables are rich in plant chlorophylls. They help in increasing the bile production and also helps in detoxifying the liver.

-By including greens such as cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, mustard greens and bitter gourd to your diets you can significantly lower the burden on the liver by reducing the acid levels. 

5 . Turmeric

-The most common spice of the Indian kitchen, with several benefits to its name, helps in stimulating the production of bile.

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-Found to effectively digest the fats in the body, it also acts as a natural detoxifying agent for the liver.

6 . Apples

-Rich source of pectins, apples have been found to be beneficial in cleansing the liver by removing the toxins. Soluble fibre in the fruit helps in removing the toxins and cholesterol from the blood.

-Rich in malic acid, a natural cleanser, helps in removing the carcinogens and other toxins from the blood.

So, go ahead and include these foods to your daily diet in the form of snacks and dishes and help your liver perform efficiently. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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