6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Fennel Seeds (Saunf)


Fennel seeds (commonly known as Saunf), an aromatic herb with several culinary and therapeutic uses, is a must have in the Indian kitchen. Native to the Mediterranean and European region, it has several diverse health benefits to its name. Enriched with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, potassium, manganese, iron, folate and fiber, it houses several antioxidants and volatile oils as well.

Here are some common health benefits of fennel seeds:

1 . Fight Bad Breath 

Most popularly known as a mouth freshener across the country, fennel seeds are a rich source of aromatic oils that help to fight bad odour. It increases the production of saliva in the mouth, which helps to get rid of the food deposits and aids in the digestion process as well. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in nature, it helps to get rid of unwanted organisms that cause bad breath.

2 . Promote Digestion  

Enriched with carminative properties, fennel seeds help to relieve flatulence and beat indigestion. The seeds when chewed with water helps to aid digestion. The fiber content of the seeds adds bulk to the food and therefore also regulates bowel movement.

3 . Reduce Menstrual Pain

Fennel seeds are commonly known as emmenagogue (a substance that stimulates or regulates the flow of menstrual blood). The phytoestrogens present in fennel seeds have been found to benefit women during menstrual disorders and irregular blood flow. Several studies have also been conducted to study the effect of fennel seeds in relieving menstrual pain.

4 . Aid Weight Loss

Fennel seeds help to suppress ones’ appetite, increases the basic metabolism and therefore is one the common picks for the weight watchers. It acts as a fat digester and emulsifier. It is best recommended to consume a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a glass of warm water each morning on an empty stomach.

5 . Avert Water Retention

Diuretic in nature, the regular intake of fennel seeds infused water helps to flush out the toxins from the body. It is an effective remedy for treating puffy eyes due to water retention. It also effectively reduces the chances of urinary tract problems and also regulates the process of perspiration.

6 . Promote Healthy Skin and Hair 

Antiseptic in nature, fennel seeds are loaded with antioxidants that help to prevent acne and skin damage. Regular consumption of fennel seeds was found to be associated with delayed onset of wrinkles and pigmentation. It also helps to reduce inflammation, irritation and provides a cooling effect to the skin.

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