6 Habits That Are Makes Your Ageing Faster

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Ageing is a natural process and no one can escape it. But in today’s accelerated lives, ageing is just as accelerated. White hair & acidity in your thirties, cholesterol and heart trouble in your forties and shockingly, joint pains and wrinkles in your twenties. All this can be attributed to the fast paced life and unhealthy habits that you practice on a daily basis.

Here are some  common habits that age you  faster:

1 . Skipping Breakfast

One is 43% more likely to be obese if one skips breakfast. The body needs energy to restart after a night of sleep. Eating breakfast within one hour of waking up. Not doing not only harms your body, but also makes you reach out for a high calorie lunch to compensate for the energy deficit.This in turn can age you faster in the long run.

2 . Not Drinking Enough Water

Your body is 2/3 water, and to rehydrate the body, water is the best beverage, don’t quench thirst with sodas, fruit juices, a glass of premixed sugary beverage, these don’t hydrate the body, instead the sugar content dehydrates the body. Less than required water makes the function of the kidneys, intestines, digestive system harder. The body is unable to regulate body temperature, lubricate the eyes & joints, flush out toxins, if you don’t have enough water. So ditch the cola and grab a cool glass of water, throw in a lemon wedge and some mint leaves or a slice of fruit for extra refreshment.

3 . Not Applying Sunscreen

Studies suggest that people who apply a daily dollop of sunscreen have fewer wrinkles on their skin than those who do not use sunscreen regularly. Sunscreen not only shields skin from ultraviolet rays, it also protects skin from some visible signs of getting older. So make sure to apply sunscreen generously 30 minutes before heading out.

4 . Having Processed Food

The pack of food that you pick off a shelf is packed full of preservatives, additives, nature like substances and food colouring. These products are linked to cancer, birth defects, thyroid defects, gastro intestinal discomfort, obesity. While it may seem that you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s healthier to switch to real food, that gives your body the nutrition it needs.

5 . Smoking

Each cigarette shortens your life by 7 – 11 minutes. Most of us are well aware of the ill effects of smoking such as increased risk for lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease wrinkled skin, acidity, increased blood sugar levels, dehydration, disruption of sleep patterns, cellulite, etc etc etc. Cigarettes are still responsible for 6 million deaths each year. Cigarettes reduce life expectancy by 7-8 years.

6 . Lack Of Sleep

6 hours of sleep are needed for recharging the mind and body, anything less and sleep deprivation, dark circles, poor health, fuzzy mind, weight gain are some of the problems one can expect. Someone who hasn’t slept for 24 hours is at the same level as someone who has had 4 drinks or blood-alcohol content of 0.10 percent.

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Ditch these habits as soon as possible, and instead bring some healthy habits into your life. Embrace healthy living to age better and look younger for a longer time. Stay Healthy, Stay Young!

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