6 Simple Habits You Should Adopt To Delay Ageing

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Stress, pollution, fast foods, lack of sleep and improper diet have become an inseparable part of every hectic day in the life of an individual. While the demands of time undoubtedly need to be met, our health does suffer silently. So also does the age clock which increasingly tickets faster and faster. Ever wondered how we can slow down the clock? Thankfully the answer lies in adopting some simple habits that can increase our stamina, slow down the aging process and make us healthier.

1 . Stay Active

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have powerful physiological and biochemical positive effects on the body. It flushes out toxins, burns of fat cells, increases skin repair capability, prevent free radical damage, tighten loose skin, and stave off chronic illnesses.

-Spend at least 30 minutes everyday  a day walking, jogging, dancing, just include some form of exercise in your life.

-Avoid staying immobile for long periods. It can counter the effect of exercise.

-Try and take stairs often instead of using the elevator.

-Take short breaks from your office chair and go for a walk

-You can also make a habit of walking while making phone calls when at work or otherwise.

2 . Eat Right

Consume a diet full of vitamins that come from fresh vegetables and fruits as well nuts and seeds, which are all effective anti-ageing foods due to the amount of antioxidants they all pack. Avoid refined and processed grains and foods, instead opt for whole grains and fiber rich diet. Include these 8 Anti-ageing Superfoods in your diet

3 . Moisturise Your Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, and age reflects quickest on the skin. To keep skin looking supple and young moisturise regularly. Skin loses elasticity, suffers sun damage, and is exposed to pollution and dust (which is made up of dead skin, soot and other unpleasant ingredients).

-Wash you face with water every 2 hours, don’t be rough when wiping your skin, instead dab gently, and moisturise every night.

-Oil, lotions, creams pick one that suits you preferably with Vitamin E supplements and nourish your skin to look younger.

-Don’t forget the heels; these lose moisture more than all other part of the body.

4 . Oil your Hair 

Remember the days of a brisk oil massage, a well deserved champi that cleared the head, nourished your hair roots, relieved headaches and made for peaceful sleep. Well, it really is a boon to help you relax and rejuvenate.

-You can choose from a wide variety of oils like mustard, olive, almond, argan and coconut oils.They all are great for massaging the scalp.

-Oiling also keeps the hair free from split ends, brittleness, reduces hair fall and makes hair grow thicker and faster.

5 . Soak In Some Sun

Early morning sun is a source of Vitamin D, which helps combat infections, aids calcium absorption, improves bone and teeth health, reduces the risk of cancer, increases energy levels, & enhances fertility in both men and women.

-The best hours to soak up sun rays for a dose of vitamin D are early in the morning up until 8:30-9:00 am, enjoy your morning chai by a window or on the terrace, and let the sun work its magic.

-For optimal benefits, you can expose a large area of your body like your back to the sun.

6 . Take A Vacation

Nothing rejuvenates and takes off years like a well deserved vacation with your loved ones, put away the laptop, stop staring at the cellphone and don’t think about work.

-Studies suggest that people who take regular vacations are 32% less likely to succumb to heart disease, have lower BP levels, less stressed and perform 8% better than their counterparts who don’t take regular vacations.

-So go ahead, pack those bags and de-stress in a scenic location with family & friends.


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A few changes at the right time can go a long way in maintaining supple skin, limber bone and general good health for years to come. Go ahead take back the power and control how you age. Stay Healthy, Stay Young!

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