6 Effective Ways To Prevent Dengue

6 Effective Ways To Prevent Dengue

Dengue, also called break-bone fever is a disease characterized by fever, body ache, nausea, body pain and severe headache. A person gets infected by dengue when a mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) carrying the virus bites the person. Usually, this mosquito bites during the day, unlike the malarial mosquito that bites during the night. After getting infected, symptoms can take 8-10 days to show up in a person. The best way to prevent dengue is to prevent mosquitoes in your immediate surroundings.  Below are some practical tips that may be of help in this monsoon season:

1 . Prevent Water Stagnation

Look around the house and get rid of any source of water stagnation since the mosquitoes breed in stagnating water.Drain your buckets of water after bathing or washing ensuring that mugs and buckets are dry. Fix any leaking taps in the bathroom and kitchen so that the area remains dry and water does not collect in containers. Drain the water from water coolers and keep it dry. Do not over-water potted plants to prevent water stagnation in the soil

2 . Use Mosquito Nets

Use mosquito nets at night to prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes. You can use them during the day for babies and elderly who tend to take a nap in the afternoon. You should cover up and close any holes in the windows and doors from where mosquitoes might enter. Wire mesh screens can be used on windows to block out mosquitoes.

3 . Apply Mosquito Repellents

Use mosquito repellent cream especially for kids who go out to play. Mosquito repellent liquidators are also widely available in the market and used for driving out mosquitoes from the house.

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4 . Try Natural Repellents

Apart from the mosquito repellents available in the markets, there are few natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes like burning camphor, lighting lavender candles, using citronella or eucalyptus essential oil and keeping a potted tulsi plant near the window.

5 . Take Special Care Of Babies

Since babies sleep during the day, there is a high probability of babies getting bitten by carrier mosquitoes. Always use a mosquito net over a sleeping baby and ensure that it covers the stroller or crib. Use cotton clothes that cover up most parts of the baby’s body. Get any fever in the baby during monsoon months checked by the doctor immediately.

6 . Cover Up 

Use full sleeved clothes and full-length pants as much as possible so that most areas of your body are covered. In case, you have kids, take special care to ensure their bodies are covered as much as possible.

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