6 Common Mistakes You Make While Taking Your Medication

6 Common Mistakes You Make While Taking Your Medication

When you or anyone in your is prescribed medications, the doctor analyses the potential risks and the benefits that are associated with the medicine. After careful assessment and an insightful understanding of the health condition, your doctor prescribes us these medicines. Therefore it is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions. Despite being aware of this fact, you tend to make these common mistakes when taking medications:

Mistake 1

You stop taking your medications without consulting your doctor

The thumb rule for medicines for chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid imbalance is that you have to take them as suggested by your doctor. Stopping a certain medication can have hazardous consequences on your health and worsen your existing condition.

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Mistake 2

You do not finish the entire course of antibiotics

Antibiotics are not meant to be left half way. You got to complete the course of medicines. However, there are patients who leave antibiotics once they start feeling better. By doing this such patients increase chances of relapse. Antibiotics work against bacterial infections and if you don’t complete the course of medicine prescribed by your doctor, it’s not able to clear up the infection completely, as a result the remaining bacteria grow resistant to the antibiotics, and the next time when you fall ill, you need stronger antibiotics for the same ailment.

Mistake 3

You do not measure the medication with precision

Yes, it’s very important to do before you give the medicine to your child. Many educated parents use kitchen spoons to give medicine to their child, though all drug companies give measuring caps with the medicine bottle. If you don’t give the right dose of the medicine, it just won’t work and if you overdose on the medicine, it leads to harmful effects.

Mistake 4

You skip your follow up with the doctor

It is important to follow up, particularly if your doctor has asked for it. If you are suffering from lifestyle diseases like cholesterol disorder and hypertension, make it a point to visit your doctor with your latest reports once a year, at least.

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Mistake 5

You trust everything you read on the internet

These days many patients before consulting experts do a quick research on the internet on their symptoms. This is good in a way that a person learns about his condition, but one should always remember that the internet is not a substitute for medical advice. With the internet, there is so much information at disposal that it ends up misleading you.

Mistake 6

You take emergency contraceptive pills too often

These pills are to be used in cases of extreme emergency, like condom failure and not as an alternative to contraceptive as these pills do not provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases, which only condoms offer. In one cycle, you can use it only once. Overuse of these pills increases incidences of ectopic pregnancy, where fertilised egg gets transplanted in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus.

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