5 Self Help Tips To Help You Beat Anxiety!

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Anxiety is one of the unwanted outcomes of our fast paced lifestyles and hectic work schedules. Being anxious often leads to increased heart rate, muscular tension, sweating, trembling and feelings of breathlessness.  When anxious we also worry so much that everything seems to be going out of control and our mind jumps from one issue to another leaving us more depleted.

Here are 5 effective self-help tips to cope with anxiety:


-Relaxation can help reduce your anxiety by calming the body and mind. It can also help you to sleep.

-Try choosing something that you will look forward to and that which gives you a break.  Doing an activity that you enjoy will also give you less time worrying.

-To relax you can read a book, watch your favorite TV show, go to the cinema, do something creative, visit a friend or a family member.


-This technique involves focusing on slowing down your breathing patterns. It can be particularly useful for those who feel dizzy or light headed when anxious.

-Uncontrolled anxiety often leads to panic attacks. This can often cause a great strain on the cardiac muscles.

-To avoid the dangerous consequences of anxiety here are a few breathing exercises which you can practice:

-Breathe in deeply to a count of 6, hold for a count of 2, breathe out to a count of 6, and hold to a count of 2. Do this at least 12 times.

-Close your left nostril, breathe in thru your right nostril to a count of 4, and breathe out to a count of 6. Then, close your right nostril; breathe in from your left nostril to a count of 4, breath out to a count of 6.

-Close your ears with your index finger and shut your eyes. Now take a deep breath and breathe out with a hmmmm sound like a bee. Repeat 3 times.


-Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a place of safety and calm.

-It could be a scenic view with a calming water body or a beautiful beach or snuggled up in bed with a loved one or a happy memory from childhood.

-Let the positive feelings soothe you till you feel relaxed.


-Phone calls, social media and texting are great ways to stay in touch but they don’t replace good old-fashioned face to face communication.

-The simple act of talking to someone face to face about how you are feeling, about your fears and anxieties can play a big role in making you feel better and less stressed and anxious.

-Open heartfelt communication is the key to clearing the cobwebs from your mind.


-While nothing can replace the human connection, pets can bring joy and companionship into your life and help you feel less anxious and less isolated caring for a pet can also get you outside of yourself and give you a sense of being needed – both powerful antidotes to anxiety and depression.

Try these tips to reduce anxiety, if you need more help there are many a professionals who can help you with anxiety. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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