5 Best Dinner Options For You To Add To Your Weight Loss Diet!

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When it comes to losing weight, there never really seems to be a one perfect way. Each one of us have a different body and responds differently to various weight losing practices. An effective weight loss regimen includes a healthy diet plan, regular exercise coupled with a few do’s and don’ts. Diet plays as essential role in shedding those extra kilos and in sustaining it.

While most of us choose to skip the dinner here are five dinner options that are a must for an effective weight loss regimen.

1 . Green Tea

-Rich in antioxidants, catechins and flavonoids, Green tea plays a vital role not only in improving the metabolism, prevents obesity and weight gain.

-It also relaxes and soothes your senses and helps you get a good sleep. It has been found to boost immunity and improve heart health.

2 . Green Salads

-Rich in fiber, nutrients and vitamins, it is highly recommended to include a colourful salad in your daily dinner options.

-It is best to have a bowl of salad that includes stir fried bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and other leafy veggies in the supper.

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3 . Leafy Veggies

-Green leafy vegetables have been found to be one of the most effective ways to manage weight. High in dietary fiber, low in fat and rich in nutrients, vitamins and phytochemicals, leafy vegetables keep you full and aids digestion.

-Include green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach, kale in your daily night salad or as a main dish. You can choose to include them in your soups or smoothies (though without sugar) based on the weather conditions.

4 . Whole Grains

-Whole grains such as provide long lasting energy, regulate the blood sugar levels and have been found to aid sound sleep as well.

-High in fiber, whole grains provide you a feeling of being satiated for a longer time and averts overeating.

5 . Lean Proteins

-Replace starchy foods such as potatoes with healthier options that include lean proteins that will help you shed those extra pounds.

-Opt for grilled and steamed lean protein (such as salmon) options rather than one cooked in oil. Low fat tofu or tempeh cooked with veggies alongside brown bread can serve as the perfect dinner option for the vegetarians.

So, go ahead and try these dinner options tonight if you are targeting to lose those extra pounds by this month end. Make sure you do not starve and also exercise regularly. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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