4 Strange Sleep Disorders You Are Unaware Of


Sleep is a very crucial part of our lives. It replenishes lost energy, repairs worn and torn tissues and helps to relax our mind and body. We always think of sleep as a boon in our lives, lacking which sickness is inevitable. Let’s read about some strange sleep disorders that most of us are unaware of:

1. Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS): KLS, also termed as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is a rare yet complex disorder of the brain that is characterized by excessive sleep in a recurring manner for a certain period of time. Some of the other symptoms of KLS include abnormal behaviour like irritability, aggression, mental confusion, overeating, and lack of energy. The syndrome is predominantly seen in the teenagers.

2. Sleep paralysis: It is a sleep disorder where a person is awake yet unable to move. It usually happens either while a person is falling asleep or between the phase of sleep to awakening. While exact treatment is not known, doctors usually advise the patients to abstain from drinking excessive tea or coffee prior to sleep and encourage them to improve their sleeping habits.

3. REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder: It is a strange disorder in which the patients act out their dreams while sleeping. During sleep, they move their limbs, talk as well as engage in actions like punching and hitting. They also experience episodes of sleepwalking and often scream or shout out in their sleep.

4. Exploding Head Syndrome: Patients with this syndrome hear loud imagined noises (such as a bomb exploding) while falling asleep or even after sudden awakening. Although these sounds do not cause any kind of pain, they can cause a sense of the great distress and fear, almost equivalent to stroke. Doctors suggest their patients have a fixed sleep pattern and seek relaxation through yoga, and short walks.

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Most individuals do not pay heed to minor sleep disorders due to which they remain untreated for a long time. However, it is important to seek medical advice when facing sleeping problems so that secondary physical or mental health issues can be prevented.

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