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Topiramate(50 mg)


Topiramate(50 mg)


Topiramate is used to treat seizures or fits in adults and children, either alone or in combination with other drugs. It is also used in the prevention of migraine headaches in adults.

How it works

Topiramate belongs to a class of medicines known as anti-epileptic drugs. It decreases the abnormal and excessive electrical signals in the brain that cause seizures or fits.

Common side effects

Stomach discomfort, Gastritis, Irritability, Loss of memory, Vertigo, Ringing in the ears, Tremors, Inflammation of nose and throat, Loss of hair, Lack of concentration, Nasal congestion, Ear pain, Mood swings, Dizziness and sleepiness, Loss of balance, Nausea, Insomnia, Cough, Disturbances in vision, Sedation, Muscle weakness and pain, Lethargy, Difficulty in paying attention, Indigestion, Skin rashes, Fatigue, Vomiting, Abdominal pain, Dry mouth, Constipation, Diarrhea, Confusion, Agitation, Weight loss


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Expert advice

  • Do not take topiramate if you are allergic to it or to any other content in the medicine.
  • Avoid using topiramate if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or breast-feeding a baby.
  • Doctor’s advice should be considered in case of patients with following history of disease conditions: liver or kidney problems or require kidney dialysis; eye problems or growth problems; blood- or body fluid- related problems such as metabolic acidosis.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day while taking this drug, to prevent you from getting kidney stones.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery when taking topiramate as it may lead to dizziness or vision problems.

Frequently asked questions


Q. Is topiramate safe in pregnancy?
Topiramate may cause harm to the fetus. Hence, it is not advisable to take it in pregnancy without consulting your doctor.
Q. Is topiramate a narcotic, benzodiazepine, MAOI, or blood-thinning drug?
No. Topiramate is not a narcotic, benzodiazepine, MAOI, or a blood-thinning drug.
Q. Can I take topiramate for weight loss?
No. Topiramate is not indicated for weight loss. It is indicated for the treatment of seizures and migraine headaches. Please consult your doctor before taking the medicine.
Q. Is topiramate good for anxiety?
Topiramate is not indicated for the treatment of anxiety. Please consult your doctor before taking the medicine.
Q. Is topiramate safe?
Topiramate is relatively safe if used as recommended. In case of any side-effects, consult your doctor.
Q. Can I take topiramate with naproxen, paracetamol, tramadol, Nyquil, Advil, Wellbutrin, methadone, phenteramine, Percocet, Adderall, Zoloft,Vicodin or garcinia?
Topiramate can be taken with naproxen, paracetamol, tramadol, Advil (ibuprofen), or garcinia only if prescribed by your doctor. Topiramate should not be taken with Nyquil, methadone, Percocet (oxycodone), Phenteramine, Zoloft (sertraline), and Vicodin (hydrocodone).
Q. Can I take topiramate with alcohol?
Topiramate may increase the depressant effects of alcohol. It is advisable to avoid alcohol intake while taking topiramate.
Q. Does topiramate cause acne, tiredness, weight gain, weight loss, itching, low blood pressure, or insomnia?
Yes. Topiramate may cause acne, tiredness, weight loss, itching, low blood pressure, or insomnia. It does not cause weight gain. If you experience any such symptoms, please consult your doctor.
Q. Does topiramate affect birth control?
Yes. Topiramate may affect the action of oral contraceptive pills. Please consult your doctor to confirm whether you require a secondary birth control measure while taking topiramate.

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