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    Information about Topiramate

    Topiramate uses

    Topiramate is used for epilepsy/seizures, Prevention of migraine and Lennox–Gastaut syndrome.

    How topiramate works

    Topiramate is an antiepileptic medication. It controls seizures or fits by decreasing the abnormal and excessive activity of the nerve cells in the brain.

    Common side effects of topiramate

    Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Fatigue, Fever, Loss of appetite, Memory impairment, Nausea, Nervousness, Numbness, Paresthesia (tingling or pricking sensation), Psychomotor impairment, Sleepiness, Speech disorder, Taste change, Upper respiratory tract infection, Visual impairment, Weight loss
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    Expert advice for Topiramate

    • Take your medication regularly as directed by your doctor as missing doses can trigger seizures.
    • Do not change the brand of your medicine and make sure that you have sufficient amount of medicine present with you.
    • Some healthy tips to prevent seizures:
      • Practice yoga every day.
      • Get enough sleep at nighttime.
      • Limit the use of screen time such as mobile/laptop.
      • Take your medication on time.
    • It may cause dizziness and sleepiness. Do not drive or do anything that requires mental focus until you know how it affects you.
    • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day while taking Topiramate. This can reduce the risk of kidney stones.
    • Monitor your weight during treatment with this medicine as it can cause weight gain.
    • Talk to your doctor if you notice sudden mood changes or develop suicidal thoughts.
    • Do not stop taking the medication suddenly without talking to your doctor as it may increase the seizure frequency.

    Frequently asked questions for Topiramate


    Q. What are the serious side effects of Topiramate?

    Serious side effects of Topiramate are rare. These serious effects of Topiramate may include glaucoma (difficulty in seeing, eye pain and blurred vision), kidney stones (sharp pain in your sides or lower back) and metabolic acidosis (tiredness, loss of appetite, irregular and faint heartbeat). Other serious side effects of Topiramate could be suicidal thoughts and insufficient sweating (some children taking Topiramate may not sweat enough in hot weather, causing their body temperatures to rise).

    Q. I am taking valproic acid for fits. Will Topiramate interfere with the working of valproic acid? Can this combination be taken?

    Topiramate does not interfere with the working of valproic acid, but it increases the risk of getting increased levels of ammonia in blood (hyperammonemia). This can be dangerous. Excess levels of ammonia in blood may cause difficulty in thinking, remembering information, or solving problems. It may decrease your alertness and make you feel very sleepy with low energy. Tell your doctor immediately if you notice these symptoms. In rare cases, hyperammonemia may even occur because of Topiramate alone.

    Q. Can Topiramate be used in children?

    Yes, Topiramate is used for seizures in children more than 2 years of age. However, because of the lack of any reports, this medicine is not recommended to be used in children for migraine.

    Q. For how long do I need to take Topiramate?

    The dose and duration of this medicine will depend on your doctor’s advice. Topiramate does not cure your condition (seizures/migraine) but prevents them from occurring. So, you may have to keep taking it for months or years depending on improvement in your symptoms and side effects that may occur.

    Q. Is Topiramate good for anxiety?

    Topiramate is not indicated for the treatment of anxiety. Please consult your doctor before taking the medicine.

    Q. Since I have started using Topiramate people are saying that I have lost weight. Is it because of Topiramate or something else for which I should get investigated?

    It could be due to Topiramate because Topiramate commonly causes weight loss probably due to decrease in appetite. If you still have any doubts, talk to your doctor who will advise you appropriately.

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