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Clobazam is used in the treatment of epilepsy

How it works

Clobazam belongs to class of medications called benzodiazepine. It works by decreasing abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Common side effects

Sleepiness, Weakness, Increase in temperature, Drooling, Constipation

Available Medicine

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Expert advice

  • Notify your doctor immediately if you are or are planning to become pregnant during the administration of this medicine.
  • Clobazam may be addictive, so take it as prescribed by the doctor. 
  • Do not discontinue the use of Clobazam, unless the doctor has advised you. Discontinuation may cause withdrawal symptoms, which may include seizures.
  • Clobazam may cause memory problems, drowsiness, confusion, especially in elderly patients. 
  • Most people may find that it gets less effective over time. 
  • Avoid driving after taking Clobazam as it may cause drowsiness, dizziness, and confusion. 
  • Avoid consuming alcohol when taking Clobazam, it may cause excessive drowsiness. 

Frequently asked questions



Is clobazam/ frisium a benzodiazepine or narcotic or a controlled drug or sedative or addictive?
Clobazamis benzodiazepine and controlled drug (addictive), but not a narcotic substance and doesn't cause addiction


Is clobazam FDA approved?
It is approved by FDA


Is clobazamthe same as Valium?
Both of this drugs belongs a to a class called benzodiazepine, but their effects are different

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Is clobazam safe?
Clobazam is safe if used at prescribed doses for the prescribed duration as advised by your doctor


Does clobazam cause weight gain/ make you sleepy or tired?
Clobazam may cause weight gain,make you feel sleepy or dizzy, especially when you first start treatment. Contact your doctor if you develop such symptom


Does clobazam get you high?
Yes. But do not use this medicine without prescription as this medicine has potential for abuse with many side effects.

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