Yoga: How To Do Balasana or Child’s Pose And Why


Balasana is a beginner’s yoga pose as it is simple and easy to perform. It is known as child’s pose because in Sanskrit, ‘bala’ means child and ‘asana’ means pose. Akshar, Founder & Chairman, Akshar Yoga explains the benefits followed by a step by step guide on how to perform the asana.

What are the benefits of Balasana?

The asana might seem to be a simple one but it helps the body to relax. The regulated breathing helps restore you to a state of calmness. It is a resting pose that has numerous benefits such as:

-Relieves fatigue and stress

-Helps stretch the ankles, hips and shoulders

-Improves digestion

-Eases neck and back pain

– Strengthens the back and spine

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How to perform the yoga pose?

To perform a yoga asana, you need to remember three things: The formation of the posture, the breathing methodology and navigating back from the posture. Here is a step by step guide on how to perform balasana at home:

Formation of the Posture

-Kneel on a mat and sit on your heels.

-Inhale and raise your arms upwards.

-Exhale and bend your upper body forward.

-Let your forehead touch the mat.

-Ensure the arms and head are straight in line with the torso.

-Lastly, rest your pelvis on the heels.

Breathing Methodology

-You need to inhale and exhale to prepare your body for the yoga pose.

-Secondly, when you exhale, hold your breath for a while as you remain in the asana.

Navigating back from the posture

-Firstly, raise your upper body to sit in vajrasana pose.

-Move your palms back onto your knees.

-Return to the starting position.

This yoga pose should not be performed by anyone who:

– Is suffering from diarrhea or any heart conditions
– Has suffered a knee injury.
– Has undergone any type of surgery recently.

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If you are doing it for the first time, it is better to perform it under an expert or professional yoga trainer to get the postures right. Also, if you experience any pain, then avoid this yoga asana and get professional help.

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