Top 5 Do’s and Dont’s of Yoga

Top 5 Do’s and Dont's of Yoga

Being a new one in the yoga class, we all must have experienced some insecurity about our postures and asana. However, with the passage of time, we adopted a way of our own which may arise some confusion that we are right or wrong? Yoga is definitely a sure shot way of healthier and brighter life. If you are a beginner of yoga or practising yoga daily, you must be keen on knowing some important do’s and don’ts of yoga. Here are 5 top Do’s and Dont’s of yoga:

Do’s of Yoga:

1. Warm up:

Preparing the body in order to perform physical tasks is called as warming up the body. It helps in preventing the body from the injuries. For preparing the mind to be centred and focused, warming up is very important. Because the psychological and spiritual benefits of yoga cannot be reaped into a distracted mind. Lack of warm-up prevents one from paying attention to the body and also increases the risk of physical injury.

You can do warm up by moving your body and shaking off the cobwebs. You can perform poses like pelvic tilts, leg stretch, sucirandhrasna, sukhasana and easy twist.

2. Comfortable clothing:

We always opt for comfortable clothing when it comes to exercise or yoga. But comfortable does not mean loose or ill-fitted clothes. You should wear long and fitted tops that keep you covered no matter what asana you perform.

3. Clean body:

You should perform yoga with a clean body. A half-bath is the best option for cleaning your body prior to performing yoga asana. Half bath involves splashing water on your face and cleans your eyes and nostrils. You should also clean your hands and feet thoroughly.

4. Let your teacher know:

You should let your teacher know about the injuries or health conditions before starting the yoga practice. Some injuries can affect your practice and even can cause opposite effect on your body. You may be refrained from the regular yoga classes and will be given newly planned asana in such conditions.

5. Walk after yoga:

You should do a brisk walk after yoga which is highly beneficial instead of directly entering into a daily hectic routine.

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Dont’s of Yoga:

1. Avoid large meals before performing yoga:

The poses like downward facing dog, reverse warrior, and tree pose are performed with the empty stomach. You should not eat your stomach full before performing yoga, especially before such asana.

Performing yoga with full stomach or stomach with heavy meals can make you sick that prevents you to continue your yoga practice for some time. You can consider taking some nuts or yoghurt if you feel hungry before class.

2. Don’t push it:

It is not necessary that you have to perform the same asana with same strength and perfection as other do. You should not push or force yourself for performing an asana that is a bit difficult for you as it may lead you to some serious strain or injury. Instead of trying hard or fast, you should adopt an attitude of going slow and steady.

3. Avoid yoga practice in menstruation:

Some asana affects the hormonal system of the women body. Women should not practice such asana during menstruation. You should talk to your yoga class teacher about which asana should perform during menstrual flow.

4. Electronic interference: 

You should not bring your phone or electronic gadgets to your yoga class. You should consider a fact that yoga for an hour should be completely free from distractions such as phones or gadgets so that you can clean your mind and soul. Using phones in yoga class not only disturb your practice but also creates a distraction for others present in the class.

5. Avoid practising yoga in illness:

Sometimes we think that performing yoga in illness can cure our illness which is absolutely false. You should avoid yoga practice when you still carry a bandage for fractures or injuries. You should resume yoga only after consulting your healthcare practitioner.

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