When Should You Go To A Dentist?

When Should You Go To A Dentist?

Going to a dentist is not something we look forward to, and one can easily see why. You are made to sit with your mouth open, in a sterile room, on a not so comfortable chair while one person peers down your throat in a full gear of face mask and head cap. However, it is necessary to go to a dentist. But when should one go? Let’s find out!

1. Pain: A toothache, especially at night, is a sure shot indication that you need to see a dentist. Not every toothache needs to be treated with Root Canal Treatment or RCTs, if caught early there are various techniques which can save you from a lifetime of discomfort.

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2. Black spots on teeth or discoloration: Brushing twice a day keeps cavities at bay, but once you notice the black spots it’s time to see a dentist.

3. Food getting stuck between your teeth: If you find yourself picking a toothpick after every meal, it means either you have started developing gaps in between your teeth or a part of your tooth has cracked or your gums are receding or it can be all of the above. It’s better to get it checked since sometimes repeated use of toothpicks injures the gum leading to severe problems later.

4. Bad breath: Bad breath could be due to a number of reasons and your dentist can help you deduce the right cause and eliminate it.

5. Bleeding while brushing: If you spit blood while brushing, chances are that your gums are bleeding. Although every smallest of bleeding is not a big deal, if your gums bleed consistently you shouldn’t ignore it.

6. Swelling: Any swelling in your mouth should be checked by a dentist. A swelling could be a cyst, tumor and more often an abscess due to a dental infection.

7. Sensitivity: Do you clench your jaw and grunt in pain every time you eat something hot or cold, or sweet or sour? If yes, you have tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity is caused when the top layer of your tooth called enamel thins down or your gums recede exposing the layer underneath called dentin. A dentist can identify and rectify the cause of your discomfort.

8. Loose teeth: A slightly mobile tooth for 1 or 2 days is not a major cause of concern, however, if you have had a loose tooth for more than a week, it’s time to see a dentist.

9. Missing teeth: Missing teeth can impact your life severely. Not only will it cause immediate troubles like difficulty in speaking and eating, in a long run it can lead to more severe issues.If a missing tooth is not replaced on time it gives adjacent tooth space to move which ultimately leads to an altered appearance requiring braces to be made correct.

10. Burning sensation: Burning sensation at any part of the mouth is not something to be ignored. Usually it is an indication of onset of an ulcer, however, if the problem persists it can be due to a more serious underlying condition.It is better to get it checked by a dentist to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

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