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All of us at 1mg are dedicated to helping you find the medical information, support, and service that is relevant to you, for you. With our daily articles, we want to create a space where you can find opinions on the health subjects that matter to you.

In the spirit of being your trusted healthcare partner, we at 1mg would love to know,

Any health problem that you would want us to write on?

For example, Do you want to know how much Vitamin C is good for you? or what are the health benefits of meditation?

Let us know the health topics that are on your mind?

We will find our writing pads and get cracking. The write-up will be published on the 1mg app. Don’t worry, you can post these topics anonymously. And yes, as many as you like.

While we would love to answer each and every topic you send us, It would be easier for us to pick the topic you send, if it is relevant to many others like you. So, submit them here.

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