Feeling Too Cold? Try these Indian Superfoods

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As the temperatures drop, a hot cup of tea may not be enough to keep you warm. Winter season demands foods rich in Vitamin C and Iron. In fact, that is the reason why we tend to indulge in those homemade pickles, crunchy dry fruits and mouthwatering sweets during winter.

Why do we need Vitamin C & Iron rich foods?

Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity, fighting infections and improving our overall well being. Iron helps in building our hemoglobin levels and making us more energetic and active.

What are these foods?

While we should choose our calories carefully, here are some foods that can boost our immunity and make us feel more energetic during winters :

Vitmin C Rich Foods

1 . Oranges

Needless to say oranges are the powerhouses of vitamin C. They work wonders in fighting flu and boosting immunity throughout the winter. They are also packed with fiber that makes them all the healthier. You can add them to your breakfast or mid-day snack and reap the benefits.

2 . Cabbage

Cabbage is loaded with vitamins C and K, folate, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic compounds known as glucosinolates. Studies reveal that, this vegetable can even reduce cholesterol levels and lower the risk of cancer and diabetes. This is one of the must have foods during winter.

3 . Carrots

Carrots are also rich sources of vitamin C. They are also packed with beta-carotene, magnesium, and fiber. All these components help to keep your immune system healthy. Make it a point to add them to your daily soup or salads. Or make a pickle out of them!

4 . Shalgam (Turnips)

Having turnips may not be everybody’s cup of tea but they are an excellent choice for vitamin C. They are low in carbs and have great powers to increase immunity, especially during winters. You may cook them or pickle them.

Iron Rich Foods

1 . Gur( Jaggery)

Gur is a rich source of iron.  It also boosts immunity and is a very good cough expectorant and detoxifier. So instead of having a sugar dipped doughnut or a slice of chocolate cake, have some gur for that sweet craving of yours. You may also add it to your daily glass of milk.

2 . Khajoor (dates)

Dates are an excellent source of iron, are rich in dietary fiber and prevent the bad cholesterol from piling up. You can have 2-3 fresh dates with a cup of warm milk, enjoy them as a late afternoon snack or add them to your daily breakfast cereals.

3 . Chukander (Beetroot)

Beetroot is rich in iron and folic acid. Beetroot also contains antioxidants like betaine and magnesium. Both leaves and roots of beetroot can be eaten in variety of forms. You can have it eaten raw, as salad, as garnishes, as fillings or in cooked form.

Now you better not be asking, “Why am I feeling so cold?”


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