What Acne Tells About Your Health | Skin Diaries | Dr. Preeti Savardekar (MD Dermatologist)

Acne is a very common problem seen nowadays with lot of different age groups. You see adult acne, adolescent acne and you also see acne in the old individuals. It’s very surprising to understand how all of us are facing this problem because of environmental pollution and it’s also good to understand how our health is connected to the face. If you have developed a sudden bout of acne you are wondering where its come from. We need to make sure we understand three different factors, whether it’s related to your stress; you’ve been sleeping late, you’ve been eating out, whether it’s connected to your hormones (if it’s connected to your periods, if its connected to your age group) and the third thing would be of course if it’s connected to your diet, what you are eating. If these three are kept into check or if you understand you need to find out the reason why they have happened, you will be able to take care of your acne better. Also, the hormones are very commonly seen when your child grows up from the teenage and enters into manhood or into her womanhood and this is where your reproductive changes happen in the body causing hormone changes to result into acne. Of course acne with cosmetics or makeup is very common but here we need to understand where inside your body what is happening and how we can take care of it.


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