Diabetes Complications: 6 Practical Ways To Avoid Them!

Diabetes complications

Living healthy with diabetes demands a lot of care and responsibility. If the blood sugar level is not controlled, it can affect various organs like the heart, kidneys, feet, eyes, etc. So to prevent health complications such as diabetic nephropathy, diabetic feet, diabetic neuropathy, and diabetic retinopathy, it is important to go for regular checkups to monitor and manage diabetes.

Here are some useful tips that may help you to keep a tab on your blood glucose level and avoid diabetes complications.

1. Quit Smoking

-Smoking has been found to directly increase the risk of several diabetes complications such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, eye diseases, nerve damage, and kidney damage.

-It has also been found to reduce blood flow to the feet and other body extremities. This can lead to foot problems and slow down the healing of injuries.

– Irregular blood flow can lead to infections and unwanted mouth ulcers, which puts you at risk of oral health problems.

-Hence, it is wise to quit smoking to lower your risk of diabetic complications. Talk to your doctor for measures that can help you to quit smoking.

2. Drink In Moderation

-Excessive drinking can cause unexpected spikes in blood glucose which can significantly affect your overall health, especially if you have diabetes.

-It is very important to eat while you drink to minimize the effects of alcohol. Do not drink on an empty stomach.

-Make sure you drink in moderation and check with your doctor to know how much alcohol is safe for you while keeping your diet and insulin in check.

3. Monitor Your Cholesterol And Blood Pressure

-High blood pressure is harmful to the blood vessels and elevated cholesterol is also a concern for diabetics.

-High levels of cholesterol and blood pressure can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

-Eat a healthy diet which is high in fiber and low in fats. Include green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds in your daily diet.

4. Pay Attention To Your Feet

-Elevated blood sugar level reduces the blood flow and gradually damages the nerves of the feet causing foot complications.

-If the injuries in the feet are left unattended, they may adversely affect the feet and cause loss of sensation as well.

-Wash your feet daily. Do not soak your feet in water for an extended time. Avoid pedicures. Wipe feet well to keep them dry. Moisturize your feet and regularly check for calluses, blisters, sores, and other injuries.

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5. Keep Stress At Bay

-Stress induces the production of hormones that have been found to lower the efficiency of insulin to control diabetes.

-It is very important to avoid unnecessary stress and indulge in activities that can help you relieve stress such as reading, traveling, sports, and other hobbies.

-You can also try relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga to alleviate anxiety and stress.

6. Regular Physical Examinations

-Get your HbA1c levels checked as and when advised by your doctor. Get your kidney function tests done at least 2 times a year.

-Visit an eye specialist once a year to detect any signs of eye damage (diabetic retinopathy).

-Inspect your feet regularly for any signs of numbness, pain, or growth that may lead to ulceration and complications.

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The health complications caused due to diabetes can be managed if the blood glucose level is monitored. So keep a tab on your diabetes and follow these simple tricks to prevent diabetic complications and stay healthy.

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